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Are there words in languages other than English for the concept of financial excess, and for optimal, sustainable finances / financial health?

We treat poor and rich as inverse, paralleled to sick and healthy. But in fact they are two types of imbalance: too little and too much.

It’s a false equivalence to parallel rich to healthy, and in reinforces false hierarchies.

I would like a positive word for financial balance & sustainability, and a concise pejorative for monetary excess.

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Here's just a reminnder that TILvids exists:

TILvids is a video community focused on "edutainment" videos. It has a lot of great videos about tech, open source, Linux, gamedev, etc., as well as some nice mini-documentaries.

I usually check the "recently added" page for new videos every morning, and enjoy an interesting video while drinking coffee before I start working 😁

They are of course on Mastodon too!

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I'd like to explore Pixelfed a little bit and am interested in finding a server. Any recommendations?

boosts welcome. :)

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Google just deleted the YouTube-channel for @thelinuxEXP, without any reason. It's a respectable content creator that makes videos about Linux and software.

I guess this should work as a friendly reminder to not use YouTube for anything that you care about.

#Google #YouTube

Reason number 5648 I really, really appreciate all you fedizens:

I don’t want to kill people, kill animals, or kill the planet.

This is repeatedly a problematic take that causes friction in my IRL personal relationships. But that’s not the case here.

Here it’s a reasonable stance, and I love and appreciate that. Thank you.

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Dementia, parent, any advice to share? 

My Dad has fairly advanced Parkinson’s driven dementia and is in residential care. Because of the pandemic I can’t visit him and can only communicate by phone.

Has anyone dealt with dementia that might have some advice for phone communication?

I’ve figured out that asking yes / no questions seems the way, short sentences, simple words, and letting periods of silence go for a while if needed.

But I’m wondering if there are other things I can do?

Image description:

Rooster standing on a post: “TIME FOR EVERYONE TO WAKE UP”

Pig: “Here he goes again”


Pig: “It’s 6am”


Pig: “Ugh”

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COVID, aus pol, more sociopathic capitalists 

"Death is horrible, but we also need to put things into perspective, because at the moment there are 8 million citizens who don't have choice in how they spend their free time, who don't have a choice about what they can do when they can leave their homes. That is no way to live"

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Covid, AU politics, insufficient vaccines 

Tried to book an appointment to get vaccinated.

They’ve run out because federal MPs and their donors invested in AZ, then sandbagged or outright rejected the acquisition of any other vaccine, and despite a massive lead time generated by state governments, (for which they took credit), dramatically under purchased doses, at same time running media campaigns shifting the blame to “vaccine hesitancy”.

Honestly, fuck these fucking social parasites. 😡

Does anyone have recommendations for open source / libre / privacy respecting health tracking software & hardware they’ve used?

Planning my future escape from Apple.

Right now I’m tracking HRV, heart rate, activity levels, time spent standing, steps, and weight / body composition, BMR, workout time and energy expenditure.

These things have been so helpful in my recovery, and I’d like to find a FOSS, private way to keep those benefits.

Have any users has trouble signing into their IMAP account through the Online Accounts interface?

I tried about six times, triple checked and retyped my details. Also installed Thunderbird just to be sure and the same details worked first time.

Any ideas what I might be missing to make it work?

politics, climate 

Fuck you so very completely COALition.


Just found this little critter in the garage. Partner has dubbed them “Hariet”.

Sometimes these little ones like to get in your car and surprise you when you lower your visor. Almost leaped out of a moving car once when that happened.

Please stay out of the car little Hariet.

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So I will be resuming a regular practice of becoming aware of my rage, and physically, constructively channeling it.

Awareness will come through meditation, journaling, and “empty” time not filled with distractions where thoughts can bubble up.

And channeling will come through rage journaling, working out, practicing martial arts, music, creative art, and other forms of writing.

I will report back to let you all know if this gets me back on the track I’m expecting it to.

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There’s a reason those in privileged classes are never reprimanded for showing anger, rather it’s encouraged. Meanwhile those in exploited & oppressed classes are continually told calm down, don’t be hysterical, you’re too emotional, be civil.

Because anger and rage are the deep internal forces that motivate you to fight to protect yourself and others. Channeled correctly they are a great source of power. When they’re suppressed for the sake of others, the health of the body is suppressed too.

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