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What do you all do for fun? Like, just for fun.

Not as part of a business projects that you also enjoy, or as part of an initiative you’re working on as a contribution to the world.

But just for yourself, for the enjoyment or joy, for the play. Like when you were a kid, just for fun.

I like the intention of the “focus on gratitude” notion, but I realised today why it didn’t sit 100% right with me.

The small adjustment I’m making for myself is to “focus on appreciation” instead.

Gratitude always makes me think of there being a giver to whom the positivity should be directed. I also feel like it has inferences of ownership, and that it’s the owning that’s to be pleased about.

Appreciation instead makes me focus on the thing itself, independent, free of givers or ownership.

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If you use duckduckgo you should replace "googled" to "duckduckwent"

@aynish @bleedsa @stragu @nebunez @opfez @Cathyalterman @oppen @csepp Wow, so many suggestions, this is gonna keep me stocked up for ages! Thanks heaps everyone! 🙏

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Can anyone recommend some good not misogynist trap / hip hop musicians?

I really like the music, but man, the slurs are in like every song I randomly try.

Could use a little guidance.

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"The lifespan of bitcoin mining devices remains limited to just 1.29 years. As a result, we estimate that the whole bitcoin network currently cycles through 30.7 metric kilotons of equipment per year."

Thinking about how the whole idea of “alpha male” wolves is a myth, based off behaviour only exhibited in captivity. Also thinking about how capitalism & colonialism are effectively systems of captors and captives.

When not in captivity, violent struggles between wolves for dominance are rare or non existent. Meanwhile, the majority of people live in some kind of captivity. How does this change our behaviour? What would we be like if the majority were instead free?

@neauoire I was just wondering about the solar setup you guys are working off.

I know that on the one end you’ve been able to bring down your energy usage.

Have you also found improvement in the energy generation of the setup over the years? As in, has the kind of technology accessible to regular people improved?

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@dredmorbius @strypey

It's interesting to read these words and analyze how they affect your frame of mind.

If you're in tech maybe you are now rushed , stressed, overwhelmed, have a huge backlog of TODO's, plans, deadlines you set for yourself or placed upon you.

Now read each of these words slowly and reflect a bit on them:

- Small tech
- Slow tech
- Calm tech

Did they put you more at ease? Can you look differently on what you do today? Does it allow different perspective?

It does to me.

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Today my mind seems to be on how capitalists like Google, Microsoft, & Facebook have subverted free software into free labor for them.

This ties into my advice from this morning to:
1) Pay for the free software you use, &
2) Tackle projects which aren't interesting to them.

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“European Commission announced … follow-up legislation that will make the use of chatcontrol mandatory for all e-mail and messenger providers.”

Guess what isn’t covered by this? Yes, the Small Web. Is it time to take the idea that we could all own our own places on the Web and communicate with each other privately seriously? I think so, at least.

#smallWeb #individualSovereignty #personhood #humanRights #democracy #technology

Gonna try doing a haunted, cabin in the woods, dark vibe isometric mini world. Starting out with a little vector template of the cabin, made with then copied into my existing template.

Inkscape is fantastic for isometric illustration. Its grid snapping precision is unsurpassed in all the vector programs I’ve used.

This guy is a legend, been listening to his videos all afternoon.

Here he is putting the smack down on transphobes:

Just came across this excellent, and also funny, breakdown of how full of shit Elon Musk is. Great primer for anyone who doesn’t know about any of the details:

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Vivaldi browser's reasoning for not releasing it as FOSS.

This is either intentional bullshit, or just a collection of common FUD and misconceptions about being open.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN be free and open-source, while maintaining strict UI guidelines and brand integrity.

Projects like @elementary and @gnome prove the living hell out of it.

Ooooh you know what would be super cool? Maps for TTRPGs made in Krita using photo manipulation.

I’m definitely going to do that.

Zero effort lettuce faring better than expected.

Bought from the supermarket, ate all the leaves, clumsily buried the roots of what was left, did nothing.

I thought they’d all die but might as well give them a go because they’d just get thrown out anyway.

But so far all except one, which got pulled up by a bird or cat, are alive and growing.

What are people’s thoughts on pen and paper journaling in a way that doesn’t generate a bunch of waste by discarding writing tool parts, but yet can still be done on the couch without fear of ink spills?

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