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I'm Gaeel, I'm a random movement generator that happens to stumble and latch onto some fun things occasionally

Recently I've been playing with image stuff (?) and modular synths

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this is the true origins of "real cyberpunk" aesthetics

Thanks @Lutrinus for introducing me to this album a few weeks ago, it's been my programming fuel ever since!

Understated glitchy beats with wide open strings layered underneath, the whole album keeps moving forwards, once you get on, you're going to keep floating, seemingly forever

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I need to write an auto-mapper that'll generate a tree of pages, and then maybe add a tags system so I can create automatic links between pages

Maybe I can modify the markdown compiler I'm using to add metadata?

Some info about the keyboard I use

(OLKB Preonic, Zealios switches in three weights)

For those among you who like interesting personal website design. Lorenzo Pilia has a fun one.
A single drop-down selector in the middle of the page with links to all of his projects, and a big background image

This is a recurring thing I want to do in games, where there is a multiplayer element, but in a very indirect way.

Also, you can stray from the lit area in this game, and apparently the music I made for the darkness was super creepy, lol

Unearthed some old Ludum Dare code

In this game, you are given a garden to tend to, and you can use the portal to visit other players' gardens

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Slowly drowning in coursework for university, but at least there's occasionally some cool looking point clouds that come out of it.

Shortest currently known superpermutation for n=7 transcribed as drum sequence:

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For those of you who like to code in well-lit rooms full of plants, with hot chocolate, a sleepy cat and a warm jumper, the soft-era colour scheme might be for you

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Here's a slightly tech nerdy post about how I build my website:

Dive in for a not very in-depth look at how modern web tools can be used to make small (as in bytes) site with widespread compatibility

I just realised the largest file on this website, is the favicon.ico...

I'm er... going to resize it

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No JS, 100% standards compliant (according to W3C the tester I used), and no big accessibility issues. Some warnings about short alt-text descriptions, but that's normal since they're all just simple decorations

And it's UP:

Modifying the site is a simple case of adding or changing markdown files.

The program watches for changes on the source folder, and pumps out a fresh website
Creating new content for my website is just a matter of writing some markdown

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