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I'm Gaeel, I'm a random movement generator that happens to stumble and latch onto some fun things occasionally

Recently I've been playing with image stuff (?) and modular synths

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Heyo #fediverse!

I wrote an article about Mastodon so I can point people to it when they're confused about what just looks like a weird Twitter to them:

Let me know if I'm missing something super important

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Put this unfinished thing back online

One day I'll finish the weird stuff that is supposed to happen with the anomalies

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On my way to Paris for Indiecade Europe, if you're around too, find me and say hi
I look like my avatar but my sweater is redder and headphones are grey

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Hey, so I set up Gitea on my server last night, and it's pretty easy (for a Linux server thing), plenty of people running it on Raspberry Pis and other low-spec machines. A nice way to escape the GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket thing.

Also, I pushed the sources to my personal website, if people want to see how it's made

Those of you on an instance running 3.0.0 might have noticed a "trends" thing
You can disable it in settings/preferences/appearance

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I'm going to be en vacance in the south of France (within an hour of Marseille) and we plan on travelling to Barcelona/Catalonia for a while.

Does anyone have any contacts for cool leftist/hacker/queer/solarpunk folks in these areas?

Would love to meet people and visit cool projects. Hit me up :ancomheart:

Please boost :fediverse: :boost_ok:

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Related, if anyone has two 8581 SIDs, I'm in the market.

Full track 

4060 + 555 = 4615
Recorded to tape for more warmth
Fingers in the circuit for more grit

Full track coming in a bit

Cover removed so I can mess with the guts

AI Safety 

AI Safety 

AI Safety 

AI Safety 

AI Safety 

Video about packet radio communications, figured this would interest some of the Merveilles gang

Added Tone.js to this little Turing Machine randomiser, so you can listen to it playing

The colour bar at the bottom is the current state of the machine

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