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I'm Gaeel, I'm a random movement generator that happens to stumble and latch onto some fun things occasionally

Recently I've been playing with image stuff (?) and modular synths

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We can use the channel to meet up in space, share info, and possibly figure out good times for us to fleet up and roam

I've created a chat channel in EVE for Merveilles peeps to hang out in, I don't think we need anything as formal as a corporation if we're not looking to do anything special
Join channel "TheLudarium" with password "Merveilles"

I'll include useful newbie and practical info in the MOTD

ping @neauoire @raelzero @eel @electret
Also @mauro & @justin feel free to drop in too!

Absolutely love the energy of this scene, it's so good!

Feeling super inspired by the intense power and fury of this engine in Porco Rosso

Created a new EVE Online character for chill, out of main corp, random play
I'm Sar-Ha Enoch
Add me in-game and lets shoot some rats/nerds/rocks

If any of you were at A MAZE and played a weird game about two mecha pilots discussing religion as they wait for their life support systems to fail, well that game has been released now and it's made by two of my favourite people, go check it out!

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Hey tout le monde.

Je cherche des gens (et un lieu) pour un atelier le dimanche 21 juillet après-midi.

L'idée : se former à écrire des courriers administratif pour demander
- son changement de prénom et/ou de civilité
- contester un refus de changement de prénom

On verra comment écrire à différents trucs : entreprises/CPAM/impôts/Défenseur des Droits/CNIL/Tribunal Administratif

Si vous êtes intéressé.e.s ou avez un lieu à proposer, tell me !

(Cet atelier a vocation à être récurrent)

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I don't know if ABNF expressions are as "powerful" as regexes, but for all the uses I've ever had for regexes, ABNF would make that work easier, more readable, more maintainable, and commentable

Honestly thinking of shifting to ABNF for the projects where I end up using regexes a lot, would be nice to be able to come back to code a year later and actually understand how my pattern-matching works

What's messed up is that because of the small & vertical layout of modern phones, websites with no css are actually quite nice to read, yet because it's hard to run adblockers and phones aren't that powerful, a lot of modern websites are a pain to read on mobile

Like, if you use literally no css at all, here's what your website looks like on a phone... it's fine

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The Venn diagram of people complaining that 'LGBTQIA+' is too long to spell and those who engage in bigotry towards LGBTQIA+ people is a circle.

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