I'm Gaeel, I'm a random movement generator that happens to stumble and latch onto some fun things occasionally

Recently I've been playing with image stuff (?) and modular synths

@TeddyDD In the foreground there's an Olegtron 4060 which I highly recommend if you want a reasonably priced way to introduce a lot of noise and weirdness to your music

@gaeel Cool! I found info about them recently and I love uniform utilitarian design of modules. Can't wait to see more of your posts :)

@TeddyDD At this point I'm a little ambivalent
They're extremely cost-effective, but quite a few of the modules feel lacking, like no CV on the LFOs, for instance
However, the low cost, simplicity and patch cable design allows for easier DIY

@gaeel that's a pitty but I suppose more modules will come in the future. I like that ports are on the top and inputs are always on the left side

@TeddyDD yeah, the design is smart, and it's certainly what allows for a fully featured modular synth to sit in a sub 1000€ budget
I'm looking to build some custom modules and offer them for sale to other AE Modular users, hoping that more players and competition in this field might allow for more and better modules soon

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