I've had to admit to myself that I have no control over my brain, at least not until I can get medical help
This also means I have no control over my time tracking, and believe me, I've tried A LOT of them, from Bullet Journals to @rutherford's Chronologicon, passing by tons of notebook, sticky note, and digital methods
I'm building myself a new time tracker that I also have no control over. Every second it takes a snapshop of what window is active, so then I can write filters to analyse it

What you see here is the first, simplest filter
There's a rule system to convert window type and title to a class (project name or pre-defined class like "procrastination" or "unclassified"), then I sum the ticks for each entry with a matching title+class pair

Okay, I think I went the right way with my custom tracker this time
While I'm nowhere near having the report displays and analytics I'd like, I'm already tracking data
If I get bored tomorrow and pick this up again next week, I won't have lost a week's worth of tracking, in fact, I'll have a week's worth of data to write cool visualisation tools with

The fact that "unclassified" is so large kind of bothers me, I need to take some time and look at web page titles to be able to create proper categories for that. Currently there's only "procrastination" when the page title matches ".*(Overwatch|Twitter|Youtube|Reddit).*",

I ought to add both my mastodon instances to that regex, brb


Adding string similarity detection to suggest new groups to add to the filter rules
For instance here, I can easily see what regex I need to write to detect searches and documentation

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