And it's UP:

Modifying the site is a simple case of adding or changing markdown files.

No JS, 100% standards compliant (according to W3C the tester I used), and no big accessibility issues. Some warnings about short alt-text descriptions, but that's normal since they're all just simple decorations

I just realised the largest file on this website, is the favicon.ico...

I'm er... going to resize it

@gaeel Love it! That little note about "a fuckton of js" made me laugh.

Also checked out your most recent clips of Mind Thief, and I still love it to bits.

@tmpvoid re:fuckton of js
It's a thing I've been thinking about a lot. Programming is a powerful way to make bigger websites quicker, but running all that code client-side, feels a little weird, especially if it's to generate an essentially static website.
So I'm using modern tools to build an old-school browsing experience. A big node.js stack that just dumps a bunch of html and css into a folder

@gaeel Interesting that it feels weird. Admittedly, from what I've seen a lot of js tools appear rather over-complicated. But seems to me that using code to make your workflow more efficient is the ideal thing to do, and doing the computation once on your end vs every time for every visitor is the right way to go.

@tmpvoid I mean, most web tools these days seem geared towards the social media / news / shop use-case, where content dynamically streams into a single page app. So I've learnt to work that way.
When all you have is a hammer, right?
I'm using the same tools here (node.js, gulp, etc...) but cutting out the client-side part, and using a simple http fileserver

@gaeel Ah I see, that makes sense. Well if it fits with your workflow, seems like an alright setup.

@gaeel Very cool, but are there sub pages? Or is it only this one pager?

@neauoire Current there's and

On my computer they're just markdown files
I can put them in folders and the builder will recreate that structure in html output too

@gaeel I hope to see more content :) There seems to be more structure than content at the moment.

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