For those of you interested in low-power, small and/or cheap(ish) computing, check out this LattePanda/GTX1650 gaming-capable rig:

It runs off of a 120W power supply, can run without the 1650 for daily use, and runs most mid-range games on high settings

Most games are GPU bound and single-threaded these days, so that dual core 2.6GHz CPU won't hurt performance too much
The setup looks a little janky with the LattePanda sitting on top of the GPU, but this can probably be mounted into an enclosure and rearranged with a PCIe X4 ribbon

@gaeel it's interesting but it's still fairly expensive for what it is unfortunately :( I do like the idea that low power gaming rigs are getting closer to a practical reality

@electret Oh, it's certainly quite costly, but for that size and power consumption, it looks pretty good

As the author of the video says though, if you're looking for a cost-effective way to play video games, you're better off getting a second-hand Optiplex and chucking a cheap GPU into it

@gaeel damn, this looks like an actually feasible laptop replacement!

I was low-key thinking about how to set up a VJ-ing station, very portable but with a powerful GPU. Do you happen to know if this would work as or comparatively well with an AMD GPU?

@s_ol I don't know, but I can't see why not...
You'd need to check power requirements, and be sure the GPU can work off of a PCIe x4 slot, but it's an x86 machine running Windows 10, there's not particular reason an AMD GPU wouldn't work

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