Merveillans, if you ever want or need to spend a few days in Lille, my boyfriend and I have an okay large flat and a couch that converts to a bed, to there's space to stay for a while

Let me know if you ever want to visit the city, hang out and chill, and/or nerd out on some weird project

@gaeel We should also meet ! ;)
I have to drink with @xvw since like 2-3 months. There's also @ice not far away

@0gust1 @xvw @ice Yeah, so I heard
I met with @xvw a while ago, we realised we live in the same area and we occasionally bump into each other at the shop

@gaeel oh wow yes, i'd love to take y'all up on that offer sometime :3

@gaeel sorry, that’s what I meant! I was not trying to start a mega house party. 😂

@electret @gaeel Cool. I'll go to Lille this summer with my girlfriend. Whe should meet.

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