On my way to Amsterdam, will be arriving around 12h45 on the bus

Bringing the Olegtron 4060, figured some of you might enjoy fiddling with it

@neauoire you know where we'll be meeting?

@gaeel @eel @jakub @ckipp @rutherford Do you want to meet up at Bocca Coffee, at 1pm?

Kerkstraat 96HS, 1017 GP Amsterdam

@neauoire Sounds good to me
I have data roaming, so I don't mind any last-minute plan changes

@rutherford @neauoire @ckipp @themoep @gaeel Thanks for a nice afternoon y'all, safe travels and good night Devine :)

@neauoire Waiting for a tram, I should be there in about 30 minutes

@jakub lol, I forgot you were also on Merveilles

@jakub Wait, I'm confused, are you and @themoep two different people?

@gaeel @themoep I'm not sure either! Let's hope we won't create a temporal paradox when we shake hands

@jakub @gaeel ooh, at least that would explain a couple people telling me I was places I'm sure I wasn't.. yet!

@themoep @gaeel Either we play along or one of has to shave the beard :D

@gaeel oh hi! I'd be ace to meet if you want to :) how long are you in town?

@themoep Just for today, meeting some Merveilles folk then going back home tonight

@themoep We're headed to Bocca Coffee, around 1pm, if you want to meet us there

@gaeel ooh yes, that sounds lovely! see you then \o/

@themoep ping @neauoire
Jakob will also be joining us, another one of those curious creative computer people

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