Did a bit of work on moving user, channel, tag and URL recognition to regices
I think there's a bug with tags (both upstream and in my version) sometimes causing posts to not display ( and are both used in posts but not in the feed)
Still haven't made it so selecting a tag will highlight posts, I'll get on that later

Here''s my test version: (drisc and cblgh won't appear because their CORS isn't set to accept

@ragekit It's like that upstream too, for now I'm just working on how users, channels and tags are processed, mostly as a side-task of fixing how URLs are recognised

What you have there is a CSS issue, I'll probably make a branch to fix that too

@gaeel i have no time to help even if id like too :( we're crunching at work and my dns arent set up to properly work so i can add myself to the webring

@ragekit I'm messing with it to distract myself from Unity stuff, these days I find Javascript and web stuff more fun

Take care with work, don't let yourself get too overworked
You can fix your website add yourself to the webring when you have the time to do it at your own pace

@neauoire Okay, so I'm done filtering tags, I'm going to do a PR when I've cleaned up a little

I've ran into an "interesting" design question though, it's impossible to differentiate between channels and tags in the current design. So filtering for "twtxt" will show all posts from the /twtxt channel, but also all posts containing the tag

As long as there's no extra info in this.filter, there's no way to make the difference in intent

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