Seeds are emitted each second at (S*ɸ*2𝛑)radian

Because ɸ is not rational (in fact, it's the *least* rational number), the display is always unique (within margin of error)

This is the Golden Clock

I got inspired by this NumberPhile video on Youtube

A lot of that channel's videos inspire me to experiment, thanks to their very simple explanations of interesting mathematical behaviours

@gaeel both Numberphile and Computerphile always have such great understandable explanations.

@ckipp Yeah, they definitely got me back into maths after I left college
3blue1brown and Mathologer have some more in-depth stuff, which usually get me thinking more, but the *phile channels explain things in a really accessible way, something that's really missing in popular maths

@gaeel o, I wasn't aware of 3blue1brown. Thanks!

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