Absolutely love the energy of this scene, it's so good!

Feeling super inspired by the intense power and fury of this engine in Porco Rosso

If any of you were at A MAZE and played a weird game about two mecha pilots discussing religion as they wait for their life support systems to fail, well that game has been released now and it's made by two of my favourite people, go check it out!


What's messed up is that because of the small & vertical layout of modern phones, websites with no css are actually quite nice to read, yet because it's hard to run adblockers and phones aren't that powerful, a lot of modern websites are a pain to read on mobile

Like, if you use literally no css at all, here's what your website looks like on a phone... it's fine

@neauoire I ran a quick test, seeing the URL for channels and users was the same
The result is satisfyingly underwhelming

For people hopping into the hallway, when enabling CORS, you don't need to open all of the doors (in fact, that's bad practise and can hurt your security)

You only need to open for GET requests, and only for webring.xxiivv.com

Here are the relevant lines I added to my nginx.conf

substance abuse 

I like how Instagram's 3-across layout makes it look like these three renders are moments in time

This is a loop of ten randomly selected functions

So I started rendering the Tricorn/Mandelbar with more samples, and I don't really like it that much
The three-way symmetry is really nice, but I'm not sure I like the actual patterns

I set up one of them Patreons, if you feel like supporting me on my random walk through various creative and nerdy fields, this is where you can do so: patreon.com/gaeel

Stumbled on this GIF in some of my old files
I was playing with Tensorflow.js, can't remember what I was trying to do, but this was one of the debug outputs

"DU-VHS is an uninterrupted stream of music videos and artist live-sets from the continually cutting-edge Detroit Underground. A visual mega dose of original creative content that explores a vast spectrum of electronic genres and spans nearly 20-years of renegade music."


On my way to Amsterdam, will be arriving around 12h45 on the bus

Bringing the Olegtron 4060, figured some of you might enjoy fiddling with it

@neauoire you know where we'll be meeting?

Inspired by a technique shared by @mathr yesterday

This is using iterated complex equations, like Mandelbrot, but instead of using the same equation each iteration, loop through a set of equations.
This is rendered with my Nebulabrot renderer which produces a heatmap of orbits
This is a loop with 3x "z²+c" (mandelbrot) and 1x "(|zr|+|zi|)³+c"

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