Here's some I recorded last night by pushing the telephone mic into my headphones, quality is *bad* but it's better than nothing?

Added an se555 and a cd4018 in sequence with the cd4060-powered Olegtron 4060 and it certainly expands the possibilities
Got this weird cycling bassline going which repeats a sequence for a while then eventually changes
Will build a voltage divider tonight so I can safely connect this to my soundcard and record some audio

Anyone interested in some hardcore "chiptune" drone?

Playing around with a method of picking random points that Sophie Houlden talked about on twitter (

The idea is you pick four points and use those to create two lines, and you end up with the point at the intersection of those lines

By having fun with the way you pick the first four points, and iterating the method, it's possible to generate some really lovely scatter patters

On a more positive note, I wrote about the Olegtron 4060 signal generator, and weird and rowdy device that's a joy to make noise with and patch with friends

Side effect of explaining ways to combine noise functions to my students

Some info about the keyboard I use

(OLKB Preonic, Zealios switches in three weights)

Unearthed some old Ludum Dare code

In this game, you are given a garden to tend to, and you can use the portal to visit other players' gardens

And it's UP:

Modifying the site is a simple case of adding or changing markdown files.

Also, through following conversations here, and because of some technical choices on a project I'm working on, I've found a fun way to build my website

I want:
- No Javascript requirement
- Standard HTML/CSS loadout

But also I want templated, content-driven page generation

So I have a program that reads .pug, .md and .sass files, and compiles them all out to .html and .css

Putting together a new version of my website, using 'lynx' to see how it displays in a terminal

Oooh, this is a promising colouring
Hue based on number of iterations before escape (like the traditional Mandelbrot Fractal)

Playing with an alternative colouring to "regular" nebulabrot
Colour is a radial spectrum, using HSV->RGB, with hue mapped to atan2(Zi, Zr) and saturation mapped to 1-√(Zi²+Zr²) (closeness to zero)

On my way to FOSDEM from Lille
I'll be bringing this weird little electronic instrument with me
If you want to hear what a CD4060 IC sounds like when randomly patched and starved of current, come find me

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