@Mischa I've been tracking down some weird math creatures recently too: merveilles.town/@gaeel/1023027

Welcome aboard, can't wait to see what you find in your travels!

Yet another game idea that I'll probably never get around to making 

Yet another game idea that I'll probably never get around to making 

@popefucker Wait, is someone arguing that because Google offers services at no charge to everyone and anyone, that they're a communist entity?

@neauoire I see you faving this, please don't follow this advice, stay safe, be nice to Pino

@Merristasis Also, just in case no-one has given you this advice yet: Don't fly ships you can't afford to lose
You *will* lose ships, in fact I'd argue that losing ships is how you get better at EVE, so make sure you can afford to lose the ships you're flying

@Merristasis BTW, this is pretty good PVP practise IMHO
When you jump into a system and there are hostiles in range, you have to decide what to do
You might have noticed you're cloaked and invulnerable until you take action, and there's a timer in the top right telling you how long you have left in this state
You have a full minute to decide whether you can take the fight, warp away, or try to burn back to the gate and jump back through, take full advantage of that time window

@Merristasis Ahahah, don't worry, you'll be fine
Don't stick around if they aggress you, remember to activate your tank module if you have one

@cassolotl Rouky hanging out at the office again
Currently chilling on a cushion my boyfriend found outside

@Merristasis It should be? You might need to travel around a bit to find one

@Merristasis I'm away from the computer but:
Strap the lightest small artillery projectile turrets to, like, a Rifter, Use a shield tank (so like the Caldari fits I linked, pretty much)
I recommend fitting an afterburner and a microwarp drive if you can, use the MWD to reposition on the battlefield, and the AB when in range of your opponents to keep your speed up (makes you harder to hit)

@Merristasis I hope you're not learning Caldari Frigate just for the fits in the MOTD
I can cook you up some good Minmatar fits if you like

@rezmason Flat patterns are something I wish more games used, they have a lovely tactility to them

I know Ian Snyder used this to great effect in 13 Gates and Botolo (ianiselsewhere.com/GAMES/13gat botologame.com/), but I've not seen it much otherwise

@neauoire It just occurred to me, is Left a pun on "write"->"right"?

@cblgh @ice @ragekit Having things that are restricted to one community makes sense, if you see having an account on an instance as something more than just having access to the fediverse

@cblgh @ice @ragekit I mean, on a purely pragmatic level, decisions regarding the Merveilles community, like the financials of the instance, how it's run, stuff like that, doesn't really need to go beyond Merveilles local

Also like, the other day I posted about making a Merveilles chat channel in EVE and got responses from people outside of Merveilles, which I'm fine with, but it'd be nice to have a choice

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So I pretty much just killed my seeds.void.garden mastodon server, lol

I think the database is RIP

Glad I'm the only one there, but I have a lot of learning to do if I'm going to invite new people in as I'd originally planned

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