@electret @lucaorio Yeah, that's really the main part of this story that feels made up or embellished
If he quoted a daily or hourly price, then this story makes more sense

@lucaorio I've been in similar situations, I usually update my fee as I go with each delay. I wouldn't risk waiting 7 weeks before letting the company know they owe me more than the original quote

@flame I'm terrible at this game, lol

Fonts are cute, but they're very hard to read, if text is going to be important, I'm not sure Pico-8 is the best platform

@s_ol @Ludonaut They're still happily making noises, so I have no reason to toss them out

@s_ol @Ludonaut

By "never apply a voltage higher than operating voltage", does that mean "don't put 9v on the clk input if the Vcc is at 5v"?

@Ludonaut @s_ol For what i'm doing here (noise/drone music through random patching components to chips) they're continuing to work, glitchily
I'll probably keep the chips I've used like this separate from the others, just in case

Texas Instruments SE555P
Texas Instruments CD4018BE

I'm definitely using them out of specs, but I don't know if that means "undefined behaviour" or "dead chip"

Anyone know how resistant to incorrect usage an SE555 or the CD4000-series chips are?

Because I'm just pushing +/- 9v signals to random pins and it sounds nice, should I mark the chips I've used in this way so I don't try to use them "properly" later?

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@neauoire Yeah, I just searched the internet
Surprised that the Raspberry and 96 don't seem compatible (unless I'm confused?)

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If anyone needs mixing/mastering for their album/EP, hit me up, prices in PM ! Please consider boosting this toot. 🎶 :tealheart:

@neauoire 1000USD!
That's a spicy cost!

I hope the cost for this kind of board comes down soon

Here's some I recorded last night by pushing the telephone mic into my headphones, quality is *bad* but it's better than nothing?

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