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Good morning! I'm Gerrit.

I'm into decentralized networks, open source hardware, modular design, distributed manufacturing, appropriate technology and solarpunk.

I spend most of my time liberating data from diabetes devices like insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, writing open-source software for

I would like to spend more time growing food and building hardware to support that, and I hope to find inspiration here in the community.

Baking vegan banana bread. Excited to see how this turns out.

I lightweight wanna do a huge blog post with screenshot comparisons to finally shut up all the "hurr durr you're copying macOS" people so they can see how obviously untrue that is

When a ‘climate election’ goes wrong -
Danny Chivers on how to carry on the fight under a hostile government – and win.

If you want well-formatted, public domain e-books, is the place to go.

How do we decarbonize?
We don’t need a miracle. Everything we need to solve climate change is already here.

One of my favourite features of Elementary OS is that you get a notification when a long-running terminal task is complete. ❤️

Hello from Elementary OS! 🎉 I've been using Ubuntu for years now, but wanted a fresh start for 2020. The whole installation process and initial experience almost has me in tears - so thoughtful and nicely done. 💯

us pol / int'l agreession 

after reading the US/world news, unsolicited advice 

Total cost of my Pinebook Pro, taking into account shipping and customs duties/tax: £234.97 ~ $310.

Happy New Year everyone!

As you journey into 2020 and a new decade, a piece of advice: stop searching for the meaning of life, why you're here, or what purpose you may serve.

Instead, CREATE it. Carve it out, fight for it, shape it yourself. Start living your best life TODAY!

Our new PineBook Pro arrived yesterday! 🎉

You don't need more unrecycleable closed source electronics.

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