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Good morning! I'm Gerrit.

I'm into decentralized networks, open source hardware, modular design, distributed manufacturing, appropriate technology and solarpunk.

I spend most of my time liberating data from diabetes devices like insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, writing open-source software for

I would like to spend more time growing food and building hardware to support that, and I hope to find inspiration here in the community.

was wondering when someone would respond to this shit-tier meme

So Apple just threw the baby out with the bathwater and killed offline web apps (unless you’re cool with all your data being deleted if you don’t use an app for a week). You’d almost think they had an App Store to promote or something.


The author of this article contacted me for a comment (I wrote an academic journal article on open-source medical device hardware in 2015), but I directed him to others who are more knowledgeable about the situation. Feels good to be able to amplify other people's voices, as he included all my suggestions:

Any recommendations for epub readers on Android? Or just a site with good general Android app recs?

starting to wonder how much of these shortages is actually due to individual hoarding and how much is due to the JIT trend and other computer dork based supply chain "optimization" that has left us as a society with less and less reserves of basic supplies that used to be built into the system, in warehouses and whatever

like, i'm no economist or academic, i'm spitballing here. but it seems like the effect of all this cult of efficiency stuff is just that we're always running out of shit

Folding@Home now pushing 470 petaFLOPS.

That's the processing power of the top seven supercomputers in the world combined according to this article.

Most of us are undergoing a lot of stress right now. People under stress can be short-tempered and impatient and can lash out. Try to be patient, empathetic, sympathetic, and avoid causing more stress or irritate or antagonize.

Try to be extra clear in your own communication, and ask others to clarify if they're not unambiguous. Be explicit about your feelings and expectations.

If you make a mistake, apologize.

2010: I wish my life was like a movie


With everyone discussing #rentstrike now is a great time to read Debt: The First 5000 years by David Graeber

Here's a pdf:

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One thing I love about plants is how inherently anarchistic they are. Everywhere you go you can find plants defying human rules and demands; cracking up huge sections of concrete sidewalk with their roots.

I'm looking for a new password manager. What are people's thoughts on Bitwarden?

Crazy level of automation in this 2015 Steam Controller manufacturing video:

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