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Good morning! I'm Gerrit.

I'm into decentralized networks, open source hardware, modular design, distributed manufacturing, appropriate technology and solarpunk.

I spend most of my time liberating data from diabetes devices like insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, writing open-source software for

I would like to spend more time growing food and building hardware to support that, and I hope to find inspiration here in the community.

I was starting to write a really big thing about permacomputing--I'd already made an outline and was drafting--but then I read this article and feel like I see things very differently now:

Incredible story about how Apple complies with the right-to-repair program in the US with its Self-Service Repair program: The best is the price tag. 😂 On the other hand, I always wanted to know what happened in the Apple Store behind the curtains…

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Even more satisfying: Being able to do it myself with just a Philips screwdriver.

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Just replaced the bottom module on my Fairphone 3 and wow, does it feel great when the charging cable connects with a satisfying click again.

Playing with a Sony spresense dev board and camera module. Surprisingly easy to set up Arduino and take some pictures to an SD card.

The Dutch have a goodbye saying "maak er iets mooi van" which roughly translates as "make something nice/pretty of it (your day)" and man, is that a lot of pressure.

Slowly getting better at crimping JST-PH connectors

Is keeping a text editor open to empty your thoughts while meditating considered cheating?

So glad to see people from Twitter joining the Fediverse, please give them a follow if that's your thing:

arturo182: @arturo182

A13: @sad_electronics

Timon: @timonsku

lee cyborg: @Leeborg

Guy Dupont: @gvy_dvpont

joey castillo: @joeycastillo

Jason Coon:

Drew Fustini:

Mikolaj Wielgus: @mikolaj

Any suggestions for people to follow on Pixelfed?

@neauoire Random thought: Is it possible to do soldering while a boat is at anchor and it's not too windy?

idk who needs to hear this but don’t beat yourself up over every aborted personal project you’ll never pick up again because you don’t have the energy

you did something (initially) fun, you’ve learned a thing or two, the experience is valuable, and you’ve gained another topic for conversations. you’ve put your time to good use.

Can anyone recommend a sustainable and ethical VPS hosting service?

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