Keen to regularly do the Disquiet Juntos again. I really enjoyed doing the beginning of the year collab ones in the past, so seems the right time to get back into:

One of the reasons I want to get back into making music on a regular basis is to spend more time on Merveilles...

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PSA: if you’re using hooks to hold your bike on a wall, watch what part of the wheel you’re hooking. Just managed to tear the valve off.

Heya Merveilles !
I just released my first "music" EP (album?) on Bandcamp:
It's a selection of tracks based on recordings from a century ago.
If you like , , or , you might enjoy (parts of) it!
It's -licensed, and pay-as-you-feel + all proceeds go to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. ✊ 🌈
Boosts appreciated 💚

phew let's be back and maybe make "music"

It is always useful to document what you did to make Free/Libre software work – or any software / hardware issue you resolved, really – and make it publicly available.
Yesterday, I was saved by a forum thread. I documented the process further in a blog post:
For 1 person who says "Thank you so much, you saved me!" in the comments, you made 10s of lives a tiny bit easier, and saved a bunch from giving up.

Pro-tip for enjoyable social media: don’t boost mean stuff. 🤘🏽

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Very disturbing news from my friends Turkey is increasingly mobilizing on #Rojava's border for attack. No journalists around. Please: Speak up and demand the West stop Turkey's planned blitzkrieg of the one true democracy in the Mideast #RiseUp4Rojava


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Fasting is when you eat really fast. Dieting is when you die

I know times are tough financially, so if you live in Australia, here’s my hot tip: if you ignore your dental health for most of your life and ride through the pain and inconvenience of regular gum infections, you’ll avoid spending tens of thousands of AUD in dentist bills! + you’ll be handsomely rewarded by the tooth fairy. 🐷⬅️💵

Don’t thank me, it’s the least I can do.

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Just in case you or someone you know would like to take some money from these people, here is the link.

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Technically, I do believe the current tools we see popping up are better built versions of centralized platforms most people use, and that's cool.

But the reason progress is so slow is because we're still clinging to the concepts they ground into us when their were no other options available.

We need to stop building decentralized platforms in the same vein of centralized ones.

And building tools that actually help people *must* be at the center of why we're building them in the first place.

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Working on my thesis and I have been starting to share bits and pieces of my drafts along the way.

I am researching Black women artists and our relationships to monuments and sites, for me specifically here in Barça that relate to Puerto Rico.

If you want to support my research, art practice or just are interested in general, check out my Patreon

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Hey all, today is #NetLabelDay #NetLabelDay2019

We (#kamizdat) didn't make it this year, but it's a great opportunity to support those who are enriching the public commons and think about the stronghold on music creativity of content industry via copyright laws and collecting societies. For many, the system is broken and rewards those with wealth in greater amounts.

wider tag net via m.s:


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Amazon Prime Day Walkout ++ 

In protest of exploitative working conditions, workers at Amazon warehouses are withdrawing their labour on Amazon Prime Day. Workers will staging a walk out during Prime Day, on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July

Don't scab.

This also means avoiding:
- Audible
- twitch
- GoodReads
- comixology
- Whole Foods

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VICE killed my column this afternoon, which is a bummer! If anybody knows of a publication that might want to pick up Design Bias, I think it's good and important. You can see past columns here:

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