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On sound..
"Katie Gately: How much can you feel?"

Video by Ableton, Jan 2018, 15min

"LA-based producer and sound designer Katie Gately explores the evolution of her creative process and shows how she incorporates field recordings and voice to create her signature mixture of beats, vocals and electronic textures."

(And a little 8min piece with the same artist by Ableton again on some sound processing youtu.be/-8yqJP87gH4)

"The Deathwatch or Watchlist is a central indicator of websites and networks that are shutting down and serves as an indicator of what happened to particular sites that shut down quickly. "


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Over the past few years I've noticed myself stopping to do custom tweaks on my own system, and instead working to fix the underlying issue for everyone.

I finally wrote my thoughts about this down in a more coherent form blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2020/

A little burnout on computer* things again.

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Can't wait till i finally stop procrastinating and roughly finish one part of my blog system/thing and finally redo my personal website (that i'd meant to work on in Decemeber), all of this should be practical/useful to me... save me some trouble.
Couldn't reach my Z80 ASM book (one box under 5 or 6 other boxes) so it'll wait. (Finally) Troublehooting the Spectrum 48k will wait too, i spent too much time on the STe's just out of curiousity

Pic1: STe #1 with 1.60 TOS without its floppy drive.
Pic2: same STe with opened keyboard (to resolder the mouse port)
Pic3: STe #2 with 2.06 TOS and CosmosEx again. i had the surprise to find it's lacking all the metal casings, notably around the PSU — being a good 5V PSU it's also quite handy to power the CosmosEx or directly a rPi.

USB keyboard & USB mouse injection feature work great & it's cool.
i could also test loading floppy disks images boot from them directly too.. but i tested on the #2 Atari STe with a 2.06 TOS known to be less compatible with games, and it just ended up in crashes. Although it might just be the random disk images i dl'ed directly from the ST. They are often cracked in various weird ways, added cracktro and recompressed games and so on...

For the CosmosEx device i wanted to well... test somes features i didn't some years ago.
Took a while for a silly reason. Updated, reflashed the SD of the PI inside. Re-updated. And i didn't triple-check it was entirely up to date which lead to a massive time spent including looking at the software side of the device...
SD/HDD emulation, ETH/WLAN access to a LAN share & reading a USB-drive were all working initially but not at the same time. In the end all that work fine.

I don't know how to summarize all this mess.
In the end I resoldered the mouse port on the Atari STe #1 with a 106 TOS. I couldn't believe how many screws were holding the keyboard plate i had to remove.
It's funny to compare such old hardware with many metal casings/compartiments to any recent modern laptop, where in many cases it feels like all the parts where trown in there almost randomly, often for the cheapeast laptops there is barely anything to hold the parts in place

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Make software lighter so that we can buy “weaker” more affordable computers.

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Remember folks, always do your website performance testing in incognito mode.

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Building a collection of 6502 examples and documentation designed to be compiled with the simple asm6 compiler.

A lot of the work is migrating some already existing tutorials from nesasm3 and cc65.


Oh, des news de World of Horror! J'en avais pas vu depuis des années. Un ou des trailers et une date de sortie (en Early Access cependant)


I'm seeing A TON of 80s games (8-bit Atari's, , Speccy, Collecovision, etc — Even on ST) that i had never heard of and that look really interesting to me, especially these days i think, it's the right time for me to find about them..
To explore later

Wow, don't i feel like i 'wasted' a lot of time on this, just to make the CosmosEx & config work again... Still have to try to the floppydisk emulation, and perhaps a USB gamepad through the IKBD injection too

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