Ok, I liked/enjoyed Prospect (2018) enough

(mainly for a few specific reasons but i will probably watch it a second time)

Off to rewatch '12 Monkeys' by Gilliam in a bit (or later in the coming days)

"Ping, ping, ping"

This monologue line pronounced in this fake accent has been stuck in my head for a while and probably will be forever (but don't mind me i'm delirious)

Every time i type network related stuff in a terminal, i can hear it or i have to say it,
"Ping, ping, ping"

"New software. Crafty, but anonymous"

(Ordinary morning routines)

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In case anyone wonders, the audio editor is ocenaudio.com/en/ - it's crossplatform Linux/Win/mac; i use it from time to time and it's really nice. I was glad when i found this one, it replaces "SoundForge" in the ways i used to use it a long time ago

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oh, i'll have to use ffmpeg more often from now on, i haven't really had too much the need for it before, but.. extracting the complete 5.1/6 audio channels from an MKV file or only a portion of it takes only 2 secs and it's so much easier than many other ways. Just so handy and easy to isolate one audio channel in this case/for instance.

If it's as pratical for everything else... I'll have a lot more uses for it. And also need a little cheatsheet.

It's nice when companies take the time at the end of a year to send an email to remind us how of much they care, i mean, track. And that i don't even own the hardware. Thanks Nintendo, i was already uneasy toward what felt like a quasi-freemium/leech model.

So cool for informing me about the games i played the most this year...

...with a graph detailing the number of hours played each month & the day i played the most. I wish they provided the log of each time i turned on/off the console etc

An A4 isometric dot pattern to print in several sheets, fold and staple together to make cheap A5 sketchbooks for isometric drawings


"There's plenty of nice isometric sketchbooks out there, but the nicer they are, the more likely you are to never use them. For that reason, I print my own sketchbooks at home"

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Sometimes when I'm explaining the design of software I've written to someone they'll say "how did you know about all of this stuff?" and I recognise the momentary fear of imposter syndrome - they think this is passive knowledge that they should have.

And I say "I literally learned about it by writing this piece of software wrong about 9892347239 times".

I don't do things after I've learned about them, I learn by doing and attempting things that you don't know how to do is the best way I've found to push myself forward. The real trick is finding the sweet spot where you think you *might* actually be successful in your attempt.

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Try not to hide your failures - you never know who might be looking up to you and getting the mistaken impression that all you have are successes.

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The Nier/Nier:Automata influence even through the Black&White style seems really strong too (not a bad thing at all!)

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Arabel, a short game i recently bookmarked.
It looks like the kind of stuff that Tsutomu Nihei fans might enjoy. It also looks great and a really nice thing overall.



Quelques liens OUTER WILDS avant que je débranche:

Une vidéo intitulé "Outer Wilds: Death, Inevitability, and Ray Bradbury"
youtu.be/H-yTZFi-_eY (contains "some spoilers")

The Making of Outer Wilds - Documentary, 50min

Intéressant notamment quant à l'approche de la simulation physique du système planétaire, le challenge d'une conception de ce type. Et vraiment de toute l'approche générale autour de l'expérience joueur. (Et il y aurait encore bien plus à dire!)

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someone replicated an entire level of Monument Valley II with just CSS 🤯


J'ai récemment fait le premier épisode (chapitre?) de Quake 1 (et attaqué le second), c'était une claque question level design. Ou une très bonne leçon.. (qui reste à étudier)

i recently managed to find the worst lighting ever (also hand references for drawing or something)

Some of the ~latest in that 'automatic random/pseudo-landscapes' series of very quick ; already a little while ago

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