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i haven't really caught up after the first & second albums and in more recent years/days i usually only —or 'almost only'— used to listen to the Centuries EP ("Centuries" & "After the fall").This is "Centuries"

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today is a bunch of songs from Emika's 5 or 6th album from 2018 (i lost count & lost track of...)
One song:

While i try to recover.

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(Yep; Forever and ever and again and again. :ouroboros: :triangle: :enso:)

[Text from the pic can be found at markertext.com/sans_soleil.htm]

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3D mazes are a challenge. Try a pre-pre-pre-release version with the WASD + Arrow keys: osresearch.github.io/prim3/

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La question du handicap invisible est très importante car on considère que 80% des éléments pouvant provoquer une situation de handicap courante sont inivisbles : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handicap



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Desk/mess (at night)

(uhm i still don't know/haven't figured out how to add descriptions to pics...)

[And closer pics of the succulents, because.] Everything Wip/temporary... as the desk itself/state of the desk is. And even the room is in a WIP/under actual_re-construction state...

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In case anyone needed reminding on why, exactly, the GitHub buy was a thing Microsoft did.


Hong Kong (fr / actualités) 

'Le territoire redoute le vote de la loi chinoise de sécurité nationale, qui pourrait annihiler ses libertés et son statut d’exception «un pays, deux systèmes».'


(Entre autres articles...)

"Duckduckgo.com Status

Is duckduckgo.com down right now?

It's just you. duckduckgo.com is up."

Hm, weird

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c'est génial de voir les livreurs et livreuses à vélo prendre leur business en main et s'organiser à l'écart des mastodontes de la Silicon Valley


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I just found a beautifully illustrated notebook from a decade ago and now I somehow feel that I'm in competition with a younger, more talented version of myself with fewer responsibilities.

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