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Which led me now to dig up 3 "microcassettes recorders" (two made in Japan, one made in Germany) and now I wonder about tape loops. (Perhaps i'll look that up someday..)

Anyway i must have remembered @npisanti's post merveilles.town/@npisanti/1032 about recording drones as i found a cheap 2006 Olympus digital voice recorder (with MIC in and EAR in & outs)

Had to move stuff around, including my electric guitar, to vacuum/clean, found the higher E string recently broke on its own (Weird? or maybe not)

@yhancik A propos d'enceintes... Je suis presque certain avoir eu les mêmes Trust a il y a bien longtemps, les miennes avaient dû lacher à l'époque, ou je les ai donné. Mais une question, tu utilises d'autres enceintes, un système hifi ou autre, sinon, chez toi, pour écouter de la musique?

RSS-Bridge is a PHP project capable of generating RSS and Atom feeds for websites that don't have one. It can be used on webservers or as a stand-alone application in CLI mode.

(also available as a package for Yunohost)


MS qui avait racheté Wunderlist a sorti la nouvelle version de son app mobile/PC/Mac/Web "TO DO".
Une partie de mes todo lists se retrouve généralement sur papier. Pour une autre partie, ça me convient mieux d'utiliser l'app Rappel sur iOS. Cependant elle n'est pas très bien faite.
Je demande ce que vaut cette app MS... si quelqu'un connait, l'utilise, a un avis... (J'utilisais une app nommée "Productive" pendant un temps.. Plutôt centrée "habits")

Anyone knows if there was other similar-ish projects like PirateBox and LibraryBox, more recent ones? Sucessors?
( etc)

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Anything to recommend, for instance, to convert Instagram accounts (or hashtag/searches) to RSS feeds?
I knew twitrss.me for Twitter to RSS or something like github.com/stefansundin/rssbox to convert a lot of things to RSS but do you know/use anything else?
(There's two sites/services i know to convert a lot of stuff but they're really too expensive for me)
Is something like that also not possible with Tiny Tiny RSS?

'« Un bon moyen d'inventer le futur est de le prédire », disait John Perry Barlow, auteur de la Déclaration d'indépendance du cyberespace et grand défenseur de l'Internet libre. Prédisons donc, sans gravité, que celui-ci sera léger.'

"Internet est mort, vive l'internet low-tech ?"



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btw... let me show u my old SoftBank phone I used while living in Japan... i think i used this from 2008-2010. this was my last phone there 😅 3G, with TV... a slider phone ... SoftBank 825SH


Uhm, fixed
Everything was normal with another user.
And the culprit was.... Some Gnome accessibility feature in Gnome Settings apparently turned itself on... (Maybe some default shortcut?)
The thing that prevented me to type.. T__T
(Now back to "normal", to my 'mostly working' system/OS..)

This was my last currently working PC/system - that i've been using everyday lately - and i'm tired
We'll see, i can't really read systemd logs so maybe, let's remove Gnome Shell and instal XFCE. Or i don't know, i don't want to take care of this

I am tired.. some weird 'keyboard problem' appeared on Gnome Shell (it's fine in consoles), independent of the keyboard used - built-in or external - it's the first time ever is see something similar. impossible to sudo anything (out of a console)

The moment i find out High Sierra installer's disk utility can only format in APFS

It's 'only' (??) expired certificates derflounder.wordpress.com/2019

The trick of changing the computer date (and disconnecting Wifi/Ethernet) works to use any older macOS installer..
But... It's.. i almost wonder what was the point of... hm

"... si vous avez téléchargé des mises à jour de macOS ou un installeur de macOS avant octobre, il ne va plus fonctionner après le 24 octobre 2019 [...]".

"Apple signe une partie de ses packages avec un certificat lié au mise à jour (Software Update) et le certificat en question expire le 24 octobre 2019"


// ... Toujours aussi relous chez Apple, et je découvre ça en essayant de re-installer une version précédente de macOS..

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