Among favourite things to draw,


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Looking forward to, at some point in the future, spending an extended period of time in a place with no 'net

Ah hm, Orca (nodejs) seems to work on my rPi3b+ (w. hyperpixel) but i have (perhaps!) some jackd/midi routing to figure out (my setup/config might OK also). One bug?: after one click in the menu bar, the second one (actually: taps/touches) makes it crash every time—
The shortcuts work anyway (CTRL+ENTER, CTRL+O etc), is there a shortcut to select a midi output? :)
The crashes might be due to touch events—? (haven't tested with a mouse yet)

I was going to go back to test a thing from around december with my PiZero+Kindle setup but the Kindle battery was empty so meh

Note: Seems like the nodejs version on Raspbian is a bit old (v8), the node version manager ( seems to work fine to install the latest or LTS nodejs version:

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I uploaded something made last year, a little collage thing, sound or noise, fwiw

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3.5 hours of sleep this night (don't try this at home kids), & it's already the middle of the afternoon. ok, let's go

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@npisanti yes, that's the easier way in a sense, as you don't have to modify the laptop case. but bandwidth might be limited depending on how many PCIe lanes are reserved for the thunderbolt port (if it has x4 PCIe, the performance will be similar to M.2 key M, only slightly worse due to protocol overhead). laptop manufacturers sadly don't put this info in their spec pages. plus, thunderbolt eGPU enclosures cost a lot more than a simple M.2 to PCIe adapter card (~300$ vs ~60$)

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Got my new board/deck. Somehow the design is quite reflective. (This time the deck isn't blank and black.)

Next: to dig my old bike up and see what i have to fix or replace

(and yeaah i wanted to post these —with others— on my blog but i still have to take care of some stuf about it...)

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