Je fini d'écouter cette série d'émissions (5 épisodes) sur Paul Virilio

(Je compense. J'ai une pile de ses livres que je n'ai qu'à moitié lu au mieux. Sauf les entretiens qui n'avaient pas eu raison de mon manque de concentration.)

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@neauoire @oppen I feel like it's the creators curse though—they can only see what is missing or what they'd do differently, and we're like omg I nearly *died* getting this to where it is

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I am very excited to share this incredible new cover art for SOUL OF THE BEAST by @helveticablanc

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And now for my monthly promotional post...

I just released a new issue of Eidolia over on Patreon! 👁

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quick & dirty lifehack:
* view <a long article> in browser's reader mode
* save as html
* load html into calibre
* convert to epub or mobi
* send to e-reader

i managed to recover a version of this old sketch.

Made a quick & dirty recording of the sketch before i continue some work with it. I still have t’to make higher res renders and other things i want to try

(Best watched in 1080p or it’ll probably be only blurry mashed pixels)

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🎥 🔁 Webcam Manager
A simple program to loop your webcam on video calls.

In collaboration with Commissioned by @RyBn as part of TELECOMMUTERS, a series about home-office surveillance and algorithmic management.

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Tonight at 18:00 CET is the time for a new episode of The User Condition series! Artist and reluctant engineer @praxeology will converse with designer without qualities Silvio Lorusso about – ominous soundtrack — N E T S T A L G I A.

MySpace eulogies, pure HTML pride, RetroPie consoles, Geocities reboots, Winamp-inspired portable MP3 players, "brutalist" web design, resurrected dead media, Stranger Things-like series, philologically correct CRT TV pixel art renditions, LEGO bricks ASMR.

Undoubtedly, we live in a time of nostalgia of the adventurous web of yore, the good ol' computing, the endless gaming days. But what exactly was so precious about it? What is that we long for? Are we just stuck, incapable to see the good in the new? Or is this longing for the past a way to re-inject some lost values into the near future?

Drawing from the work of Svetlana Boym and Mark Fisher, Howell and Lorusso will unpack the current netstalgic waves, trying to distinguish their restorative element from the reflective one. They will attempt to unearth the futures buried in the past, the futures that never were and yet here they are, haunting us like a distant MIDI lullaby.

Date: Monday, 17th of May 2021
Time: 18:00h - 19:00h CET
Location: Online (

More info:

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Apparently it's Friday, so here comes the result of my latest musical adventures.

It's a nearly 11-minute long live steel tongue drum session with unquantized beats and lo-fi textures. It's a bit broken, a bit moody, a bit groovy... And I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Early february unfinished random thing.. -- i was going for a specific exercise but as soon as i started doodling it went sideways, i doodled randomly instead, this was the result of the accident

I'm still months late on several/different things i want to share but at least i made a little recap post of a selection of photos (hopefully a second/another different part to follow later & not too late -- but this kind of stuff is still not a priority)

(Potentially heavyweight page, WP blog post with more than a dozen photos)

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