a quick CA doodle made earlier this morning.

(recorded in 1280x1024 then turned into 1280x720 by youtube for best mashed-pixels quality)


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Sometimes it can be better and worse and still the same all simultaneously

(should have corrected the proportions of that face, the tilt of the head and other things before wasting more time with the rest but blah)

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Here's my research so far on symbolism: ritualdust.com/works/illustrat I've been to university in visual arts but I feel we barely scratched the surface of this fascinating movement, glad to be catching up outside academia now.

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Syncing Estrellas between displays and controlling them with DevTerm CM3. Each display is connected to a “under powererd” computer (Raspberry Pi 3) but together they make something bigger than the sum of the parts. All the sync happens over OSC sending camera position and orientation, so not likely to saturate network. There is a glitch I need to fix but so far this is building up nicely.

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This is great. Some PSP enthusiasts are putting a HUGE PSP homebrew collection up on the Internet Archive. Over 3,000 so far and still ongoing.


I also discovered a plugin that enables state saving like you can do with emulators. So you can save your game whenever you want rather than at save points. Pretty neat.

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Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, j'avais complétement oublié cet album. Comment mais pourquoi—oui.
C'est 🖤 et plus que ça

[ discogs.com/master/53878-Beth- ]

ces derniers temps (dans mes écouteurs quand je suis dehors plutôt mais idem)

And a very very random sketch [5/6am, feeling ill/not well]

Nothing very different than the usual bad-habit-drawings i do but..

just in case I mark it as sensitive, it's just a "portrait" (head drawing) from imagination
There's nothing strictly speaking 'horrific' as in violent/bloody etc but... I'm not sure how much sensitive people can be to this sort of thing
Plus it doesn't really fit in any "pretty/beautiful/cute" or even well made category so

A tiny 5 minute improvised/random doodle, testing some fineliners

(I'm starting to get back to drawing after a one month+ break...)

loop/piece of something from October, another version,

piano/drums one:
2021-10-11_october loop // Piano vers/Noise/Drums2-3

or perhaps

A loop from October

(More "a part of…" than strictly a loop.. Part of something else… Possibly.)

Two versions, a drumless synth one.
And a piano/drums one.

First synth one:
2021-10-11_an october loop // Synth vers/Drumless/MoreNoise _Clipped

maybe or or something, i don’t know

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