Ok, I liked/enjoyed Prospect (2018) enough

(mainly for a few specific reasons but i will probably watch it a second time)


@faun I liked the movie for the atmosphere / mood, the visuals, the light in the forest, the ambiance, colour tones, the things/production choices that go into making the space suits, little space station / shuttle and other props. Beautiful shots of characters in space suit. I enjoyed the dialogues mainly because of one character.
On the 'minus' side I wish the story did without the sort of "antagonists" (western-like/frontier bad guys)

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@faun i liked it a lot ALTHOUGH

I think it could have been possible to easily tell a story quite interesting, with enough drama while not having to resort to this sort thing. The almost 'gold-rush'/frontier style *survival* (almost)"everyone for themselves" mindset that i could do without

@faun Hopefully that will answer your question. if i understood it well enough..

@ghostlevel This makes me want to watch it more because I relate to the western frontier bad guy.

(Or maybe I should watch avatar again in light of this powerful review reddit.com/r/Avatar/comments/k )

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