@freedcreative it’s an overstatement that crypto is terrible top to bottom. Just yesterday I stumbled upon this article

@creitve I had problems with basic shortcuts like copy/paste/cut. On macOS they have a layout where all keys are from Dvorak, but when ⌘ is pressed, they switch back to Qwerty for shortcuts. My plan was to make similar layers switching with QMK, but I never got around to it. I still use Qwerty these days.

@oppen it’s probably still a better option than Electron 😉

@oppen @neauoire never heard about Jetpack. Do I need to have Java installed to run apps made with Desktop Compose? They say “Compose for Desktop targets the JVM” on their website 🤔

@neauoire this is nice to hear, I will definitely give it a try on holidays :)

@eris @eris @neauoire maybe I was wrong about pixels, that statement was just an assumption. In any case, one vendor is better in privacy, another in repairability. I will probably keep my 4 years old iPhone as long as I can. By the time I can't fix it, better Linux-based smartphones may already be available.

@neauoire thank you! It has to change at some point, there is a limit for how long bloatware can keep bloating. Or at least I hope there is one. Have you studied Haxe during your “what comes after Electron” research?

@neauoire I remember reading about it on Wikipedia a while ago.
I will read more, maybe it can solve my problems and keep my mind in peace 😅.
Thank you very much 🙏

@neauoire Flutter is similar, but I am not a fan of Google either. And I doubt their phones are easier to repair.

It would be great if there was an accessible UI framework for building native applications for pocket and desktop computers.

I started this journey because I wanted to learn declarative UI programming and build a few native apps for myself. But the further I go, the more concerned I get. Maybe I should stop spenging my time on it?

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I've been learning SwiftUI for the last few months and I feel… guilty about it. This framework is very limited to Apple's ecosystem, and I don't like the direction the company is going. I still find a joy when using some of their products, and especially when using software made by other small developers which runs only on Apple (like Things3)

Just realised that Marius deleted his account from this instance. Will be missing him.

Published some photos on my semi abandoned website. I will keep posting new photos there because I no longer have an Instagram account.


Yesterday we watched “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” for the first time. I still have Ohmus’ song in my head.

@inscript how did they come to an existance then? All structures made by humans are organic

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