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Sugar is the low-income people’s cocaine.

@mario_afk This might be an obvious question, but how do you move borderless windows around? I know there are tiling windows managers that allow you to manipulate windows via keyboard shortcuts, but it doesn’t look like you are using one of these

@sprkwd @irimi1 “bitcoin idiots”don’t use GPU for mining

@nasser looking forward to it! I thought coroutines was a hack made by Unity devs in early days. Mostly because Unity was unsuitable for multithread development, lots of poor decisions were made. After async/await and job system became available, I don’t see much use for coroutines except interaction with legacy API.

I have to work with Steam, SteamVR and Windows at work. While Windows is getting better, the Steam is... oh... I wonder how they keep it working for so long with all these hacks and bugs

@oppen I guess it’s cheaper (short term) to hire 2 React Native developers than one for Kotlin/Java and one for Swift 😞

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Our Webring now has its own unique search engine that crawls the ring's websites, and it's simply amazing. Lieu was built by @cblgh


@oppen why did you add MD5 there? Isn’t cert sha enough?

Keyboard heatmap after the day of work. I may move red and orange keys to the centre and blue to the edges to increase typing speed. But this will make my muscle memory incompatible with any other keyboard 🤔

"Programming is the second literacy. The first one gives you knowledge: the second allows you to implement it in practice."

My colleague couldn’t open PDF documents from Zip archive that I sent her. I spent some time reasearching… And it turns out that every major operating system ignores Zip specs and uses different encoding for file names. I had to remove Lithuanian Ą and Ū from file names to make my Zip archive Windows-compatible. That’s insane!

Just discovered Teddit. It's a lightweight JS-free frontend for Reddit.

@gueorgui hidden at the bottom. I don't use it much. Alfred does the job.

Finally received my Planck Ez keyboard! It will take some time to get used to ortholinear layout. My fingers always shift to the left

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Software is like recipes.

Facebook etc is like McDonalds: the recipes are designed to be cheap to produce and addictive so you keep coming back, but not good for YOU.

Commercial software is like restaurants: it varies wildly, and your favourite popular restaurant may disappear unexpectedly.

Open source is like home-cooked meals: you can know exactly what's in there and share the recipes freely. Some recipes are hard to pull off, but some are actually more convenient than going out to eat.

Unfortunately I may still need to turn it on for banking and digital signature purposes 😞

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