Yesterday we watched “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” for the first time. I still have Ohmus’ song in my head.

@inscript how did they come to an existance then? All structures made by humans are organic

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I feel like I have to take a week off to escape everything and just read the whole WikiWikiWeb

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@v0tti can say almost the same thing about Internet. Literally, just replace "cryptocurrency" with the "internet": enriched the rich, waste of electricity, climate change, hundreds of scams, bla bla bla. Blockchain is very young and complicated technology, give it some time 😉

Switched to Dvorak layout yesterday. Typing speed decreased drastically, but I already feel how well thought out it is when typing in English.

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After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it.

Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one).


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@Preston @neauoire Let us not forget the majestic zeppelin train either, which was too intimidating, dangerous, and loud for passengers and eventually melted for the war effort. Still, supposedly held the highest speed record for 20 years.

@mrus take my condolences. And get ready for weirdly structured content of zips 😔

@mrus I did Photos takeout yesterday. Google puts metadata of each photo into separate json file. Thankfully there is a nice tool.

Remembering how much I did with knowledge I had makes me wonder if my current approach to development is really efficient.

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Found this old photo made by 15 yo me. I was working on inventory for our online survival game while travelling to Riga. There was no uGUI back then, the UI was developed 100% with code. Since I wasn’t an experienced developer, I had inventory drawing and logic (both local and network!) all in one place with hardcoded number and string values. Moreover, I used Atom without IntelliSense and C# highlighting (but with nice material theme!).

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Sugar is the low-income people’s cocaine.

@mario_afk This might be an obvious question, but how do you move borderless windows around? I know there are tiling windows managers that allow you to manipulate windows via keyboard shortcuts, but it doesn’t look like you are using one of these

@sprkwd @irimi1 “bitcoin idiots”don’t use GPU for mining

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