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I realized that my phone was destructing me a lot. It isn’t only about 2-3h of screen time, it’s more about breaking the focus and procrastination. Event thought I don’t use social media much.

I will try to have it turned off for the whole week to make sure that my observations are correct.

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Just installed browser and surfed the space a bit. It's so fast and clean!

I'm thinking about starting doing some music as an offline hobby. I know close to nothing about the process of making it, only played some guitar 10 years ago.

Any recommendations on where to start with? Teenage engineering pocket operators look like a nice little thing to try

"Syncthing has reminded me how great computers can be if they are not made by corporations. It’s simple, predictable, sane, acts no-nonsense. You can configure it however you like and it always keeps you in control. It’s a pure function and it’s good at that."

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aethiest feelings 

My personal rating card

❌ religious holidays that were clearly plagiarized from some sort of nature-centered seasonal celebration
❌ religious holidays
❌ organized religion
❌ socially re-enforced capitalist gifting bullshit
✅ staying warm in cold weather
✅ toasty beverages and sweets
✅ festive decorations
✅ cozy time with family and/or friends

Hi Merveilles!

My name is Gleb. I'm a developer from Vilnius exploring the new technologies such as VR and Blockchain and their use cases in education and gaming.

In my free time I read and learn to become better generalist. I’ve recently started building my knowledge repository (which will be published sometime next year). This journey led me to open source, then Unix and command line software, then “software as an art”, and now I'm here! Glad to become part of the community :)


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