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Mycelial technologist - coding & cultivating a decentralized, multispecies future.

Academic background in anthro / ethnobotany. Living in permaculture contexts on-and-off for the past four years.

Currently contributing to PeachCloud - a Pi-based Scuttlebutt hardware project.

It's a pleasure to be here and I look forward to learning beside you all.

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@glyph here's the doc I mentioned a few weeks back - also posted info on where I just got a new account. enjoy!

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"During [the canal's] three centuries it needed virtually no maintenance, it relied on no engines or fuel, no mining, no metals, no chemicals. There was no pollution, the boats could be hand built. ... It did not cause any emissions or erosion, it saved millions of man hours otherwise spent on ... roads. There were no accidents: at walking speed and thirty centimeter depth it was safe enough to have children playing in the middle of it with boats coming and going."

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1. doing my second salon next week. join me on september 18th to discuss how we can build pathways to overcome division, find common ground, and heal a divided world. 🌎❤️‍🩹

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Two years ago I replaced spotify by local music files + bandcamp + soulseek + mixtapes. I gain in musical diversity, I feel good about buying music again, and might consume less bandwidth.

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World Fungi Day, October 2nd 2021.

A one-day conference, the first ever edition, co-organised by Prof. Lynne Boddy and with a terrific line-up of speakers.

#myco #fungi #ecology

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I really enjoyed working through this intro to science & scientific thinking. Highly recommended -- it really helped improve my understanding of what "science" actually means.

The Fascinating Aerodynamics of Bike Touring and Bikepacking - CYCLINGABOUT

Main takeaways for greater efficiency (faster with the same energy output):

- inline luggage options (ie. bikepacking bags rather than panniers)
- tight fitting clothing
- hand position (closer to the stem with arms lower is faster)

Summarised data at 8:14

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An end-to-end ethnobiology study of fermented pickles in Tennessee. No, really. Samples at both ends. Fascinating.

I used to think my Mom was rather quaint, hand-writing names and birthdays into a hanging calendar at the beginning of each year. Now I see what an elegant solution it is!

Not only does it offer a way of remembering birthdays without any software, it also means that you think about all your friends and loved ones at the beginning of each year.

I need to find myself a lush calendar for 02022 and weave my own thread of remembering.

🔥 🍄 📖 🌑

The second cycle of the Hyphal Fusion mycology reading group begins on Tuesday, 7 September at 19:00 UTC+2.

Fire and fungi is our thematic focus for the first part of this cycle. We will begin by discussing a paper titled: 'Fire and fungi in Australian ecosystems: a review of current knowledge, management implications and future directions'. That should serve as a great introduction to the topic.

Please msg me if you're keen to join! We're friendly :)

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@l03s :nes_fire: "Solving the problems caused by technology with technology, is that the circular economy?" :nes_fire:

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I've known for a while that きのこ is 'mushroom' in Japanese, but I only just learned the etymology of the word:

き(木) : tree
の : possessive particle
こ (子) : child

mushroom == tree's child 😻

How Mushroom Time-Lapses Are Filmed | WIRED

Terrific short piece on Louie Schwartzberg and the techniques he uses to capture timelapse recordings of mushrooms as they grow.

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