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actually no, we do have a clip of the liquid part of the experiments, thanks to andrei (my partner and collaborator)!

i uploaded it on the scanlines peertube since it's a bit longer.

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Made good progress on lykin this week; a Scuttlebutt demonstration application that will form the basis for a tutorial series.

The application is written in Rust and interacts with a Scuttlebutt server / node (sbot) written in Go.


- Subscribe / unsubscribe to a peer
- Download root posts
- Download latest root posts
- Mark posts as read / unread
- Delete posts

Next up: polish everything and prepare to write the tutorials.

programming question 

When writing log statements for an application, do you prefer to log what is about to be done or what has been done?

For example:

"Initialising database..."


"Database initialised"

“So many American bands are like, ‘Grow, grow! Next! Just keep going, never stop and never end,’” guitarist Tomo Katsurada adds with a laugh from his place in [Amsterdam]. “I find that so capitalistic. Why can’t you guys just end and do new stuff?”

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just contributed 15 bucks to @glyph's peachcloud project! peachcloud is building tools and interfaces for making use of raspberry pis in p2p contexts

check em out :> 🍑

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Attended a flight display of a raven, barn owl and peri-saker falcon this morning. The raven clipped my hat with its wing while flying past; ace experience.

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Plant-sitting for a friend over the summer — which today involved renting an electric cargo bike to haul the various plants across the city.

One of the most fun vehicles I’ve ever used (driven? rode on?). And effectively a replacement for a huge chunk of potential car journeys

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I've recently begun to encourage, with a good deal of discipline, my mind and energy to stay within the bounds of the present. To see things for exactly as they are and to exist entirely in the presence of my life as it is and not for what it might become. I think we get so wrapped up in a future-chasing illusion that we miss the part where we actually wholeheartedly live. This practice has been a tonic for the depths of my soul.

Took a trip to the library this morning and picked up a copy of In Praise of Shadows by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki. I can't remember if I came across this book in the Fediverse or on a random internet reading list. Very excited to read it!

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one of the few phone videos i took while in the woods over the past few days. this cute little moth kept landing on me and licking me.

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