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Mycelial technologist - coding & cultivating a decentralized, multispecies future.

Academic background in anthro / ethnobotany. Living in permaculture contexts on-and-off for the past four years.

Currently contributing to PeachCloud - a Pi-based Scuttlebutt hardware project.

It's a pleasure to be here and I look forward to learning beside you all.

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梅干しのおにぎり 🍙

First time making onigiri!

They're not the prettiest onigiri but I guess you've gotta start somewhere. Kinda ended up going pyramidal rather than triangular for improvement.

Also: salty! Delicious but salty! Went perfectly with a cup of green tea.

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Beautiful that these random graveyards become areas of great biodiversity just by their nature of being undisturbed areas of reflection or solitude. Some even provide conditions for endangered plant species to thrive. Lovely to think of these quiet places dedicated to past lives blooming with wonderful and rare new ones.

Never send a poorly-documented web scraping library to do Regex's job.

I wonder if there's a word to describe the act of timing one's movements in synchronisation with aspects of the ambient soundscape?

Just came across a great resource for Japanese language learners in the UK.

There's a link to a terrific Excel spreadsheet listing all the establishments teaching Japanese in the United Kingdom, including details such as region, website, degrees etc.


do you ever make onigiri? if so, i'm curious to hear your favourite vegan fillings.

The Mycology Reading group is meeting on Saturday (full moon).

We'll be discussing a paper exploring the cultivation of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) on tea waste.

It's a quick-read and offers some great insight into constructing small-scale experiments to test substrate mixes and measure their yields.

I hope to see some of you there!

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Sci-Hub: Elsevier and Springer Nature Obtain UK ISP Blocking Order — TorrentFreak

Major UK ISP TalkTalk is reporting that in response to an order from a court in the UK, it is now required to block subscriber access to Sci-Hub. The injunction is reportedly the result of an application by academic publishers Elsevier and Springer Nature, who have teamed up in other regions to block access to 'The Pirate Bay of Science'.


I love these moments when I can really sense how far I've come in my learning 🖤

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The button program had additional complexities: it ran a JSON-RPC pub-sub server over websockets (lol). A separate menu program subscribed to the button-press events over JSON-RPC and used them to drive changes in a state machine for an OLED menu.

In hindsight, this was a pretty ridiculous arrangement.

The button logic is now included in the menu program. No more JSON-RPC pub-sub. The result is far less code, fewer dependencies, easier readability and major performance gains.

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Near the beginning of my Rust learning adventure I wrote a small program to handle GPIO events generated by buttons.

The program implemented manual polling, with each of 7 GPIO lines being polled in separate threads. It worked smoothly but was super resource hungry (11% of CPU usage on my Pi3B+).

I rewrote it this weekend with tokio and the async feature of the gpio_cdev crate. CPU usage now sits at 0.0% with memory usage at 0.3%.


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no one:

absolutely no one:

me: ok plant gods 🌱 i will totally catalog all our house plants with intricate notes about their needs with dithered photos of each one 🙈


Denizens of Merveilles, please keep shit-posts / stream of consciousness / random thoughts off the local feed.

Use the 'unlisted' post type instead.


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A small packet of koji (豆麹用) arrived today (aka Aspergillus oryzae).

I believe I now have everything I need to attempt making tempeh for the first time; just need to setup my incubator and run it for a day or two to dial-in the temperature control.

Feeling excited.

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This book is an excellent read and gives a wide range of perspectives on the lived experience of being regarded as an immigrant in Britain today.

#crosspost #antiracism #AntiRacistReads

I know it's time to get off the computer when I open a terminal and type `exitfool` instead of `exiftool`.

"Alright, alright, I hear ya."

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