Mycelial technologist - coding & cultivating a decentralized, multispecies future.

Academic background in anthro / ethnobotany. Living in permaculture contexts on-and-off for the past four years.

Currently contributing to PeachCloud - a Pi-based Scuttlebutt hardware project.

It's a pleasure to be here and I look forward to learning beside you all.

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@glyph glad you found your way to this corner of the internet :)

@glyph Welcome! So do you utilize mycelium? Or do you approach tech with mycelial methodologies?

(I’m making a game whose theme is myxomycetes and historically conflated them with fungi 🕹🍄)

@rezmason Rad - your game sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to checking that out. I still know very little about myxomycetes - so much to learn!

I cultivate mycelium for use as food and medicine. Last year I experimented with mycomaterials for the first time and ended up growing several objects. This year I'll be focusing on pure mycelium materials (ie. mycoleather).

I draw on fungal behaviour & architecture to develop biomimetic insights & collapse the Nature-Culture dichotomy.

@glyph wow, googled a bit about mycelial technology and it sounds fascinating!

@LilyIsDead Indeed! We are lucky to be living through an explosion in humyn-fungal relations and understandings.

The fungal Queendom gave rise to Kingdom Animalia; they are our ancestors (in a very real sense) and have much to teach when it comes to living cheaply and navigating cycles of life and death.

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