I wonder if any denizens of Merveilles play the 尺八 (shakuhachi) or practice 吹禅 (suizen - 'blowing zen')?

A few photos of my jinashikan (natural bore, no paste inside). This was a surprise gift from my mentor, whom I met and worked beside in the Peruvian Andes.

It is very unusual - basically back-to-front: the front / top of the shakuhachi usually curves up and away from the player. This flute is the opposite. I believe the bamboo was cured for 13 years after harvest.

One day I hope to make my own.

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@glyph I did for a while in the past. I even spent a good bit of time trying my hand at making natural bore flutes with some local Golden Bamboo I harvested and dried. I still have a couple kicking around, and pick them up every now and then.

@rho Neat! I have never tried making my own. Did you learn from a mentor? I once came across a B&W instructional booklet on making shakuhachi (written in English). I regret not photo-copying it when I had the chance.

@glyph Perhaps you saw Ken LaCosse's essay?
It was certainly one of the initial references I was using.

The closest thing I had to a mentor were all the Shakuhachi videos that Perry Yung had up at the time. I recall many hours trying to get hole size and position just right, and it never being quite perfect. Regardless I was able to produce a few playable flutes. It was a very rewarding craft to try and learn.

@rho Thanks for the essay link. The document I encountered was more like a zine and had a 70's USA aesthetic. I'll ask a friend to photocopy or scan it for me (will share with you if that happens).

I've never really spent much time learning the technical aspects of creating shakuhachi, though I look forward to embarking on that journey. Mostly I just try to make beautiful vibrations.

@glyph @neauoire I do not but this is very interesting to me. I’ve been interested in the process of hand making Chinese/Japanese style flutes but haven’t done anything about it.

@glyph wow, it's beautiful!

what did you do in the Andes?

@stephen Thanks! I think so too.

I volunteered at a mushroom farm for 5 months. I also spent a month riding my bicycle in the Argentinean Andes. Have you been before?

@glyph no, but that sounds amazing. I want to farm mushrooms.

@stephen It's not a glamorous life but it's incredibly fulfilling. Let me know if you ever make it to Peru and I'll introduce you to my friend Taki.

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