I've known for a while that きのこ is 'mushroom' in Japanese, but I only just learned the etymology of the word:

き(木) : tree
の : possessive particle
こ (子) : child

mushroom == tree's child 😻

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@glyph Is that the true etymology? WWWJDIC only shows single-character kanji spellings for this word.

@mattskala @glyph i always thought it was 'obvious' that this was the etymology, but now i'm wondering.

@mattskala i don't know for sure. source is a first-language japanese speaker and teacher:

@glyph Like takenoko 竹の子 (child of bamboo)

:D. In the animated film Princess Kaguya, a princess is born from a bamboo sprout. An old couple finds her and raise her as their own, all the kids in the village call her 'takenoko!' :)...

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