Got working on a personal website redesign last night.

@neauoire perfect 🙏

i feel so understood on merveilles :)

@kawaiipunk @neauoire

zoom in far enough on any given node and you will find more network.

took me a few years to see that 'the network' is at the core of my interests and being.

fungi are master teachers of boundary dissolution. all borders are an illusion: skin, keyboard, self; wave-forms glimpsed under the strobe light of consciousness. all is interconnected motion.

@glyph this looks awesome! what are you writing it in?

@awalvie thanks!

it's just handwritten html and css served by rocket (rust web server). i'm using tera (templating engine) to separate and organise the content.

it's more complicated than it strictly needs to be but i enjoy writing rust code.

@glyph I read the rust-book a while ago, but did not write any project/code with it :( but I liked the language

@glyph yeah, but I'm focusing on writing C code at the moment...

I do have this though

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