When you're working on or studying several things, do you do a little bit of everything every day (easier to build a habit) or commit a full day every week to each?


i have very few external constraints on how i spend my time (no kids or boss) and so i tend to take a freeform approach. sometimes i'll be intensely focused on one thing for several days, other times i might chip away at several things each day in more of a structured manner.

i used to get down on myself for not being disciplined enough, but i've come to realise that i feel happiest and most fulfilled when moving in eccentric orbits; more like a playful child.



have you read aaron swartz' essay on time and productivity? i resonate with many of his thoughts on the subject.


@glyph Thank you, that does look like it could resonate. I will read it once I'm done with work for today!

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