Are there any Fediverse instances out there for academics?

I have a friend who is a PhD candidate in experimental psychology. She's thinking about joining Twitter but I'd much rather invite her to the Fediverse.

Recommendations and boosts are welcome.

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@glyph I'm not sure how active it is but is aimed at academics

@anne @glyph Quite active and well moderated, as far as I know. Definitely worth a look.


I'm sure @bgcarlisle will gladly give you more information ☀️

@InvaderXan @glyph Just tell them that when they go to sign up, to write something in full sentences in the "Why do you want to join?" field that indicates that they understand they're signing up for an academic-focused instance

If they leave it blank, or if I wonder if it's a spambot, I reject them!

@glyph Maybe could be an option.

@dantheclamman is from there.

@sohkamyung @glyph @dantheclamman I believe ? Don't know if it's still up though.

@glyph is the big one.

Also, I believe.

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