Checking out YAML as a means of storing cultivation-related recipes for use with myka (cultivation tracking CLI tool). I think this could work quite nicely for my use-case.

If you know of any major downsides to YAML which might trip me up on this project, I welcome your input.

@glyph I use TOML for new stuff. YAMs indentation alone make me screech..


thanks for sharing that article! the downsides it highlights will likely not be a problem in my use-case but i found it very helpful nonetheless.


hmm yeah i took a look at TOML (have gotten used to it for rust stuff) but i wonder if YAML is just slightly more readable and friendly for non-computer-tech folx? i should probably ask a few myco friends for input

@glyph @cryptix if you want to use yaml please use strictyaml

I do like toml but strictyaml is fine-ish though the spec isn't nearly as formal as I would like as of when I last checked

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