Soba and miso resupply day is always a good day 馃枻

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@glyph oishii~ i made a lazy miso soup the other day:
veggie stock / miso / boiling water + sesame oil & seeds, the other day

@kitsunelli @glyph hehe hell ya. i mean, i looked online and it was like "first get konbu, and let it sit overnight, then get bonito flakes and heat at 80 degrees celsius, then [...]"


i also take the lazy route: once the soup is almost done i add a bit of the stock to a bowl with the miso, dissolve / mash it with a spoon and then add the finished soup to the bowl. works pretty well.

i made shiitake + konbu dashi once before and it was super delicious. need to take the time to do that again soon ^_^

That's the way we always do it. The miso culture does not want to be boiled. (They have very tiny voices.)
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