Thinking about log-based mushroom cultivation (practiced for at least 800 years) versus contemporary mycobag cultivation using sterilised substrates. The difference in energy expenditure and waste production is mind-blowing.

Log cultivation: grow mycelium on sawdust, harvest logs, drill holes, plug holes with mycelium, cover holes with beeswax. Store outside. Wait. Enjoy harvests for 3-5 years.

It's hard not to think that dominant contemporary production techniques are a regression.

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2021 goals: move to Japan to live and work on a family-run shiitake farm.

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nope. only bags, buckets, tubs, jars and outdoor beds up until now.

log cultivation is best suited to rural / semi-rural areas or contexts where you're going to remain in one place for many years.

i'm hoping to join some friend's on their permaculture farm next year. that'll be the perfect context for log cultivation :)

@glyph growing mushrooms is not something I know much about but when I looked into it I immediately dismissed it as too much hard work and mess.

This log thing however, I have space for a log in the garden. If as your say you can just let it self manage then this is something I can look into.

@glyph log cultivation is an absolute joy. we don't have a lot of oak, but it works well with our upstate NY sugar maple. this year was beyond productive, and these logs are 6 years old.


so beautifulll. looks like they're super happy on the sugar maple 😻 🖤

i imagine you dry some of the harvest for the winter? or maybe you distribute some to friends and family?

i think there's a lot of great opportunity for combining invasive tree clearing and log cultivation. i know some local growers in my area who are cultivating reishi on invasive acacia species. i love these slow, integrated approaches.

@glyph we also have two new mushroom growers at our farmers market... both indoor bag operations. glad more people are getting local mushrooms, but also meh.

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