Made a small change to the art page of my website: I've organised the pieces by year, with the most recent ones appearing first.

Hopefully the collection will grow a bit during Inktober.

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thanks friend! it's so nice to be able to add bits and pieces over time. folx without a personal website are missing out on the fun!

@glyph yasss. i've actually been spending the afternoon migrating a massssive github gist to my private wiki, rewriting and reorganizing as i go through it. so nice :3


ahh sweet! i'm excited to take a look when you're finished. is it related to your trust work or something else entirely?

@glyph nyet, something else. also it's just my private notes so i probably won't publish it to ^^

@glyph you made the posted for extrasolar?! It's soo good 👌 well done.


ohh thank you! 🙏 my friend came up with the title and asked if i'd create some artwork. it was really fun to draw on scuttlebutt traditions for inspiration.

i'd love to do more concept pieces like this in the future and am slowly starting to dream-up a solarpunk series.

@glyph I remember when I saw it the first time, I thought it would be nice to have one where the boat is moving along, or docked, or rafted up.

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