Made some progress with my archer drawing today. I'm in the part of the process where I try to remove as many lines and unnecessary details as possible. Should be ready to start inking in a day or two.

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@glyph really great all around, but I’m especially impressed with the fabric folds, that’s tricky stuff.


thanks! it helps a lot to have good reference images to work from.


it does kinda look that way huh? i think it's because he's an older man and doesn't have big pecs, so the nipple lies quite low on the ribcage.

one of the things i've really enjoyed about drawing more is learning to pay careful attention to bodies and how different they all are. sometimes i'll draw something exactly as it is in a photo but it looks wrong somehow. maybe we have distorted ideas of body symmetry from mainstream media? real bodies are kinda all over the place :)


p.s. i'll experiment with nipple placement and maybe also adding some subtle rib / chest lines to see how that changes things.

@glyph 100% yes!

in the old dude case i was missing a line delineating the pecs, i think

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