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Events this year have really exposed the incredible lack of scientific literacy among folx in my area.

So many of my peers are basing their actions on evidence from perceived experts in YouTube videos and on social media, rather than consulting the scientific literature for peer-reviewed data and analyses.

When I bring up scientific evidence, I'm often met with a "science can't be trusted" mentality.

science, distrust, swearing 

I'm increasingly hearing this "they're trying to control us" narrative, with the implication that scientific knowledge is an instrument of societal control.

The new-agers wear their smug grins: "I'm not wearing a mask - they can't control me". Fucking hell...this stuff worries me.

By all means, approach scientific data with skepticism, read analyses from multiple sources, ask questions about the sources of funding and the credibility of the authors; don't just say...

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science, distrust, swearing 

"Well, big tobacco produced falsified data once upon a time therefore I won't believe anything in a scientific publication".

Goodness gracious, that kind of attitude is truly frightening to me. One of my friends said something very similar to the above and I was gobsmacked. Surely this is the road to the dark ages - a vacuum of objective sense-making where the opportunity for distortion and manipulation is massively multiplied.

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science, distrust, swearing 

@glyph yikes. That "big tobacco" part is a good reason to be suspicious of data saying something works and is safe produced by people who sell the thing.

But if it's new ager types, are they believing in "alternative" medicine whose studies are dodgy and the organizations who claim it works are the ones who also sell it?

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i think it's a lack of understanding of how scientific knowledge is produced and an uncritical, broad-brush distrust of certain institutions and industries.

the world is a messy place and it's often difficult to disentangle truth from mistruth - especially in the context of capitalism which seeks distortion for the sake of profit at every turn. bad actors muddy the waters and a lack of scientific literacy means the tools for critical discernment are missing.

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@glyph indeed. It's especially unfortunate when that broad brush distrust is matched with a trust of organizations who are outright lying. It's never actually a distrust of everything.

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administering thruth requires control of mass communication

The science alone won't do.

We shouldn't oversell humanity

We just lost the control on mass comms to the social media giants and they sold it to whomever

science, distrust, swearing 

@glyph this was exactly the goal of those disinformation campaigns though: manufacturing doubt

it's ironic that they've been drastically more successful after the fact in a way they never even intended

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