I Am Mother...worth a watch?

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@glyph it's alright! in that genre, and on the same level of quality, i think i preferred


thanks for the rec :)

i'll let you know if i end up watching one of them. i'm in one of those phases where tv and movies aren't really doing it for me

@glyph ya kinda in one of those myself—maybe you can do like @cryptix and find a nice game to relax with? :3

@cblgh @cryptix

that's a nice idea. i've kinda been wishing lately that i had a console or gaming pc). might have to look into some old-school titles.

you playing anything at the moment?

@glyph @cryptix hades & into the breach are also pretty cool (as well as nuclear throne, if you haven't given that a try). none of them require anything beefy :)

@cblgh @glyph Forward is fun! house plants is very cute but a bit too slow for my taste. Similar to sort the court, really just y/n? xD

@cblgh @glyph I like build-up and strategy games but they can’t too much like a dressed up excel sheet otherwise I might as well code and that is the opposite of what I want from a game.

@cblgh @glyph so will probably going for something more immersive and fast paced action like. Looking forward to cyberpunk 2077 and I want to try horizon zero dawn next weekend which might steer my decision towards a console instead of a new gpu for my dev box.

@cblgh @glyph I’m currently contemplating getting a ps5 and selling it in the summer, will probably wait for some more reviews but it’s much cheaper compared to upgrading my dev box. Which is a bit dated, perfectly fine for most work but definitely would need a full fledged updated to get anywhere near the perf of these new consoles. Quite fun to see that they are both AMD platforms.

@cblgh @glyph update: horizon is amazing but German shopping isn’t. Nearly impossible to a ps5 before Xmas/New Years. So I closed my eyes and went for a new gpu and after having tested it for an hour I regret nothing. A friend of mine told me it will be bottleneck by the old i7 but so far everything is as fluffy as clouds might be. Will carry me into 2021 and then I might get a zen3 once the prices go down. DM me for my steam handle if you feel like it.

@cblgh @glyph downside: the nouveau drivers don’t like the card yet so I don’t get to use sway for a little while

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