Felt the call to go for a walk on this windy summer's afternoon. I visited a nearby park, thinking that I might spot my first Laetiporus ('chicken of the woods') of the season. My intuition proved fruitful; I did indeed find the mushroom I was seeking.

Shortly thereafter I walked past an oak tree where I had previously met an owl. Sure enough, there was my feathered friend - enjoying a nap in the shade.

@glyph damn, so rare to see an owl in the daytime in the UK

@kawaiipunk @glyph This is the 3rd time I've heard someone say the exact same thing in the
past couple of months.

@glyph I didn't know owls were called. "The Chicken of the Woods".


beautiful! that is indeed a massive one! they're really delicious when you get them while the flesh is young and firm. do you know what kind of tree it's growing on? are you in the southern hemisphere? members of this genus fruit in the summertime where i live.

@glyph I'm in Pasadena, and I will check out the tree on my next walk. Try and get a leaf and dichotomous key it for ya

@glyph I did some research, and I believe the tree is a carob tree. Looks an awful lot like this guy, but not 100%


cool! thanks for sharing your findings. what a beautiful tree.

it seems that Laetiporus sulphureus is quite often found on carob trees in Sicily. that's another factor in support of your identification

"In this study, an incidence of L. sulphureus as high as 34% was determined through molecular analysis of wood samples collected from 70 carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) trees in the South‐west of Sicily, Italy."

@glyph wow cool! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more of those trees around here then

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