Denizens of Merveilles, please keep shit-posts / stream of consciousness / random thoughts off the local feed.

Use the 'unlisted' post type instead.


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@glyph this message originally angered me because of its wording. A possibly nicer way to say this would have been to remind folks of the instance rules, specifically around as listed in


thanks for linking to the cheatsheet on discourse; it's a terrific resource and one which i should reread more often.

my request was specifically about the posting etiquette of this instance regarding 'public' and 'unlisted' post options.

i did not mean to be rude with the directness of my wording.

@icco @glyph Many posts that are implicated in your initial post in this thread pass the three gates of speech, unless, of course, only a few people are allowed to decide what is necessary.

If today is be a stickler for the rules day why did @neauoire not use the "brand" tag/cw on the book release? It is clearly an advertisement for a paid product by their studio

@icco @glyph @neauoire I dont particularly care that they did not do that, but I think if we are going to use the rules to curtail behavior they need to be applied universally and evenly

Rather than targeting newer people who post in a way you find disagreeable

@dualhammers @icco @glyph Not only is the content of the book available to be read online for free, the source code for the project itself is linked in that thread, I can't quite see how I'm using my account "to do repeated promotion of products. "

If the census is that I've overstepped by sharing a itchio link, we might have to also apply this to all bandcamp urls.

@neauoire @icco @glyph Maybe we should if we want to get super strict about the rules

@neauoire @icco @glyph Like I said it does not bother me. But I am using a counter example to push back against Glyph's post which read as them using the rules to enforce a personal preference when

A. The rules are already not applied evenly and are kind of lax for senior members

B. The posts they are annoyed about do not violate the rules as I read them (unless the three gates of speech are being enforced in which case see A)

@dualhammers @neauoire @icco @glyph Regarding the original post, I think it's often difficult to tell whether a post is stream-of-consciousness or random in advance. I value the thoughts/posts of fellow town-members because they feel comfortable enough and motivated to share, not because they apply to my day-to-day.

@dualhammers @icco @glyph @neauoire If a Merveillan thinks something on their feed is disagreeable, then they ought to say, rather then letting it fester.
For our book, might have been better to link to a project page, but we don't have one yet (am working on one). Am sorry if that bothered anyone.
I don't think rules ought to be too strict, but the instance should not be used like Twitter. Takes a while to stop using social media in that way. In all, we have to be patient and tolerant.

@rek @icco @glyph @neauoire I did not bother me for the record. I get the sense it didn't bother Glyph either (although they cannot see my posts so I cannot confirm)

I will say that what bothered me most about the initial post was the second two categories of random thoughts and stream of consciousness. As someone who has many posts that fit into those categories it doesn't make me feel super welcome to be told, essentially, my thoughts are not welcome unless they're, what? Productive I guess?

@rek @icco @glyph @neauoire I brought up your book for rhetorical effect to point out if we're going in on the rules we should use them fairly and not apply them just to a few people whose posts are not the right aesthetic broadly.

@rek @icco @glyph @neauoire This also creates issues of discoverability. If we cannot place certain types of thoughts on the public timelines for aesthetic reasons that means those thoughts can only be found by those already watching.

Whose to say what stream-of-consciousness thought would be a benefit to someone off of our instance?

If we want to police the local timeline to match a certain aesthetic we may need to consider how we can uncouple discoverability from the local timeline

@dualhammers @icco @glyph @neauoire I don't agree that we have to mark all 'random thoughts' and 'stream of consciousness' type posts as unlisted, but I do agree that we ought to use that feature more, and to be overall more mindful of what we post, how often, and why.
And as a new user, it's a good idea to tread carefully in the beginning, to get a feel for the community, to interact with existing members etc.

Preferences > Other > Posting Defaults > Posting privacy to "Unlisted" does wonders.

@glyph on the topic of netiquette, how can I add descriptions for images for screen readers or text-only cilents?


here are the steps for the default mastodon interface:

once you've uploaded an image, click on the 'Edit' text in the top-right. that will display the 'Edit media' modal. you can then enter your image description in the textbox on the left ('Describe for the visually impaired') and then click 'Apply'.

that description text is then applied as the `alt` and `title` text for the posted image.

@glyph not an easy balance: in my case, I also *love* reading the random thoughts of the instance. But I understand the concern (too much noise, low quality content, not all random thoughts are equal in "quality", etc.). Thanks for the reminder anyway !


i totally agree with you. reflecting on my post, it reads as being quite strong / severe. if i could rewind time i'd likely frame it more along the lines of 'please be thoughtful about what you're posting and which privacy settings you apply'.

anyways, i'm glad the post stimulated some discussion. i think it's good for us to reflect on merveilles and what we want from it, especially as the instance grows.

really appreciated your thoughts 🙏

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