do you ever make onigiri? if so, i'm curious to hear your favourite vegan fillings.

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@glyph I do :>, while in Japan I liked simple umeboshi onigiri, and kombu too, but here in Canada I sometimes make mixes with tofu (with mirin, soy sauce, and salt), or just plain rice balls with salt and sesame.


ohh those all sound delicious. i've never had umeboshi before. i just found a local source (imported) so i'm going to try some ^_^

looking forward to experimenting with some different mixes.

@dokoissho @rek

ohh i've never heard of shiso before. seems like a member of the mint family but with a unique flavour?

nice recipe here:

@glyph @dokoissho Yep, second that. The kind of umeboshi I get for onigiri is usually the kind dyed with shiso :), there are usually some leaves mixed in too. So good.

@rek @glyph @dokoissho I've been meaning to pick up some umeboshi but every time I find them in our local Japanese or Korean markets the only ones they sell are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, and they're often colored. I've just assumed that means they aren't high quality, but maybe that's incorrect?

@reed @dokoissho @glyph Yea, those are lower quality, made in just a few weeks as opposed to much longer. But like, it is the same deal with most of the soy sauce found in stores... the legit kind is very difficult to find. Traditional shiso umeboshi should just have salt, shiso and plums.

@reed @glyph @rek at the Korean market you might also try sesame leaves - different from shiso but also used a lot as ssam (wraps)

@glyph @dokoissho The market where I stayed last year in Minamiise would sell fresh leaves, so good when used as a chiffonade on top of salads, rice bowls, etc

@rek @glyph agree! I'm not vegan so usually pair it with salmon sushi, but it's pretty versatile - I would try it on something like this:

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