Currently writing some Go code for a contribution to an open-source project.

It's my first time working with Go and also my first time picking up a new language specifically to implement a feature I need.

Will see how I get on with a dive-into-the-details approach, rather than my usual start-with-the-basics style.

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@glyph oh nice! i'll be happy to help review yr code! i'm still very much a padawan myself under senpai @cryptix c:

@cblgh I have a wild guess which project that is... 😁

@glyph bte is quite good and you should be able to transfer the json stuff to toml 1:1

@cryptix @cblgh

😉 😉

ohh thanks for the link! that's just the resource i need :)

i've also been reading these tutorials from john arundel which i'm finding quite helpful

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