Perfectly Ordinary Stones, Carried For 1,300 Years

Six small stones are carried, one each, by six people, passed on every five years and simply carried for 1,300 years. This long series of actions commenced in the year 2014, starting from the Kunisaki Peninsula in Japan. It will be complete in 3314, 1,300 years after it began.

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@glyph This is an amazing project. The intent of letting imagination play its role sure works pretty well.

@glyph I love this. It reminds me of something that Richard Long or Bill Drummond would do.

@glyph A lovely project!

Imagination... guess it has kicked in already - imagine the web that's meant to live for 1300 years. I remember engineers facing unique problems designing bury sites for hazardous mater - the simple thing as icon meaning danger was already unique in that you're to convey a meaning with the image that's only hundred or thousand years old to a much longer extent of time.

p.s. adore the authors, but not the unauthorized copying statement

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