Happy to have completed this piece for Svendsolar - an upcoming Scuttlebutt gathering (crabmeet) in Svendborg, Denmark.


First I scribbled a small thumbnail composition to capture the initial concept.

I took a reference photo of myself (for the figure) and searched iNaturalist to find out which plant species occur in Svendborg. I then found reference photos for those species and created the sketch with pencil on paper.

I inked the sketch and letters using a Copic Multiliner SP 0.2 and a Pigma Micron 005.

The inked artwork was photographed and uploaded to my computer. I used Gimp and Inkscape for final touches.

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Pencil sketch. I ended up changing the glyphs in the ground to roots. Everything was done freehand, except for the border line.

The small details were challenging to capture - such as the butterfly to the right. I should sharpen my pencil more often.

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