Imagining a world where the statement "I don't have sufficient information or understanding to offer an informed opinion on this topic" is commonly heard.

Open, unabashed acknowledgement of ignorance and willingness to listen, read and learn.

@glyph I think of the absence of this sort of thing as a condition of spectacle induced by the hyper-competitiveness of contemporary life. When things move very fast the benefits of "appearing to have" (in this case, knowledge) outweigh (locally) the costs and risks of faking it.

There are limited slots (we are told) available to do interesting work. If you are honest about your ignorance some ambitious person will take your slot! Similar reasoning applies in other contexts.

@glyph It is amazing to me how often I think about about The Society of the Spectacle.

@glyph I don't think we're as far off from that as it often feels simply because those who already practice this express it through, well, silent listening... so we perceive a world of only the squeaking wheels.

@glyph It took me a long time to realize that I *didn't* have an informed opinion about a lot of things. I think I thought I did though.

@tty @glyph this. I think it's far worse to say you have an informed opinion when you really don't, so I often reserve my thoughts on things that I'd like to think I'm informed on.

@glyph in short "i don't know" or perhaps "let's find out"

@glyph Le Guin made a religion out of this in Left Hand of Darkness. I think about this encounter every now and then.

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