Teppo Rämä gave a terrific presentation on marine fungi yesterday (he's a mycologist specialising in arctic marine fungi).

I was amazed to learn that there are fungi which parasitise diatoms! There are also marine fungal species which have demonstrated the capacity to degrade polyethylene microplastics.

He shared a slide which showed a massive increase in fungal activity following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; very interesting from a bioremediation perspective.

I particularly appreciated Teppo raising this question: what can we do to help fungi?

Far too often, members of our species only care about other species when they appear to offer some direct benefit. "Is it edible? Is it medicinal? Can I sell it? ... No? Not interested".

What a sad way to view the world. There are endless exquisite miracles to experience if we look beyond ourselves; endless ways to act selflessly and make the whole more beautiful and vibrant.


the recordings will be made available for on-demand viewing in the next few weeks. i'm not sure if they'll be freely viewable or not (i paid to attend).

here's the link:

you could also reach out to teppo directly:

@glyph IMHO there are also plenty of selfish reasons to help species that you don't understand the immediate benefits of. Just gotta think on a long enough timescale and with a wide enough view of the world.

@glyph I watched "fantastic fungi" and I've started being curious around fungi. Fascinating!

"diatoms": is this diatomaceous earth (mostly silica)?

Fungal activity seems compatible with "gaia theory" of geological homeostasis. The presentation would be interesting to read. Any open access research articles to recommend please?
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