Made a couple of upgrades this week: a new saddle and handlebar grips.

The saddle is wayyy more comfortable than the stock saddle I was riding previously. No more daily punishment for my sit bones.

Riser bars still feel uncomfortable on longer rides; not enough hand positions for my liking. I'll probably switch to drops in the coming months.

I love riding my bicycle.

· · Web · 7 · 5 · 31 don't they use multi-speed bikes in triathlon? this is a fixed gear bike meaning it's single speed and doesn't even have a freewheel, you're not gonna reach speeds where aero bars help on that


i've never tried aero bars before but it seems like they could be great on long bikepacking trips (especially when headwinds get intense). i think some of the ultra distance riders really like them (lael wilson is one who comes to mind).

have you tried them? no, because I've been having bicycle issues. They are also a tad bit out of my budget, but if I get a chance, I would like to!!

@glyph I personally think that drops make the look much more speedy too.

@glyph I see you have horizontal dropouts. Did you find any issues with tracking? I've been thinking of getting lug-nuts for a while


i haven't had any issues so far. i've started getting a little bit of rust on my hub nuts so i'll need to replace them eventually (probably with runwell 'elite' nuts).

@glyph moustache style bars not on your radar? Some considerations need to be made concerning stem length with that sort of change though.


nah. i'm sure they're really comfortable but i'm not a fan of how they look. i might consider them if i had a vintage steel frame with lugs and lots of silver components.

have you tried them?

@glyph had them on a clunker build 26” singlespeed, they were excellent, loads of hand positions. Yes - they do like a little different haha

@glyph *look ( I guess ‘like a little different’ works too )


nice! i'm sure i'd love them. have you seen the surly moloko bars? i'm tempted to try them when i build up a bikepacking / long-distance machine.

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