A Plea for Lean Software - Niklaus Wirth (1995)

So many pearls of wisdom in this paper; wish I had read it four years ago when I started programming.

"Reducing complexity and size must be the goal in every step—in system specification, design, and in detailed programming."

"Truly good solutions emerge after iterative improvements or after redesigns that exploit new insights, and the most rewarding iterations are those that result in program simplifications."

@glyph 26 years and things have only gotten worse... :flan_despair:

@jbauer @glyph testament to Wirth's law—the problem is few are acquainted with the concept and fewer still care.

@glyph Have to disagree a little on using the example of a text editor: the old ones being reminisced about are only satisfactory to USians & maybe Europeans.

@glyph That said, I have no other gripes. I very much agree on minimizing complexity!

@glyph I was just looking for a copy of this! Thanks so much. Have you read anything else about complexity recently? I'm very interested in it.

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