It's quite poetic that our species may eventually be unable to venture past low Earth orbit without first dealing with all the trash we've strewn across space.

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How much orbital debris is currently in Earth orbit?

"More than 23,000 orbital debris larger than 10 cm are known to exist. The estimated population of particles between 1 and 10 cm in diameter is approximately 500,000. The number of particles larger than 1 mm exceeds 100 million. As of January 1, 2020, the amount of material orbiting the Earth exceeded 8,000 metric tons."

@glyph most aspects of our downfall feels very ironic

@glyph i'm picturing aliens wondering what's up with our debris field and openly thinking it might be a defense systems that uh went wrong hence a good old running joke among them, something like "oh well, we wouldn't bother with them... haha, yeah, they did that to themselves and now space travel is out of question indefinitely for their planet. at least with their current politics/tech."

@ndpi @neauoire

this is a good reminder that i need to rewatch cowboy bebop.

there's also planetes (プラネテス), which deals primarily with space debris and a team of debris collectors.

@glyph you might have seen this brilliant project from some years ago:


yes, it's incredible! such an amazing educational tool.

@glyph When it is solved with mass produced relatively low-cost automated bumper robots and a laser broom, will that also be poetic?

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