I discovered UPX this weekend and I'm kind of mindblown by how effective it is.

I'm seeing 30-40% reduction in the size my Rust binaries.

Is there some downside here that I'm not seeing?

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@glyph it's just compression. guess the downside is slower startup of binaries if they're going to be launched a ton, like a shell utility or something, but it's a really simple compression algo and the decompression overhead is pretty irrelevant


yeah that's what i thought too; decompression overhead is basically negligible (especially in my intended use-cases).

stoked to have found such a simple way make binaries smaller :)

@glyph @syntacticsugarglider If the compression is built into the file system instead then you can probably rely on the kernel's file cache.

@glyph @syntacticsugarglider downside is binary changes can break things, like a version of macOS made existing binaries break one time, and there’s antivirus on windows which can assume a little much about compressed binaries and get your binaries flagged and denied

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