How often do you consume mushrooms?

Including culinary, medicinal and psychedelic species in any form (ie. as food, tisane, tincture, powder etc.)

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Rarely enough that I cook with frozen or dried because I'm the only in my house who eats them.

@glyph mushrooms (in a culinary sense) taste like garbage and have the texture of cold beef fat.

@slips @glyph what kind of mushrooms are you cooking with? I was surprised by how much species can vary in taste and texture

@glyph I forgot mushrooms are sometimes drugs because I just love mushrooms. Put them in my soup!

@glyph I have been taking a microdose of Cubensis B+ almost every day for the past month and I absolutely love it.


that's wonderful to hear! have you been dosing quite accurately? if so, i'd be curious to know what your dose is.

@glyph A friend of mine grows, dries and grinds Cubensis, then puts the exact dose into capsules. This avoids unwanted surprises. I take doses of 0,15 grams. Sometimes two doses if I wish to increase my contemplation mode.


thanks for the info. that's a good dose. my sweet-spot is 0.05 g (with 1-2 g lion's mane powder). my preference is one day on, two days off (fadiman protocol).

@glyph Oh only 0.05, I'll check with my friend for the dosage then, because I feel like 0.15 is already very subtle, maybe I'm wrong. I will look into the Fadiman protocol, thanks! I am following Stamets' recommendations for now :-)


each person is different. i think it's best to listen to your body-mind and shape the dosage according to your experience and wishes.

i prefer the microdose to be under the surface of my consciousness, and i'm also fairly sensitive, so the low doses work best for me :)

i follow stamets' protocol in the past but it would usually feel a bit too intense by the third day.

@glyph @focus404

This is something i am interested in as a way of managing my depression / anxiety without manufactured medication. Are there any good resources you can point me at? Thanks.

@sprkwd @focus404

i'm not super up-to-date in terms of resources but these two sites have a good amount of foundational information:

i'd also recommend this paper on the subject:


my pleasure. you may also want to take a look at reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) as non-psychedelic options for managing depression / anxiety.

@glyph hmm… not necessarily weekly, but more than monthly

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