Agroforestry-based approaches to mushroom cultivation are where it's at.

So many folx expending precious resources on complicated indoor setups when they could be growing in the forest / garden.

Most aspects of fruiting become more difficult indoors:

How do you manage temperature and humidity? How do you manage pests? What if a fan malfunctions and burns the place down? How do you pay for electricity / rent? What about contaminants and cleaning and chemicals? Etc.


Cornell Mushroom Guides

'Best Management Practices for Log-Based Shiitake Cultivation'

'Totem Inoculation Factsheet'

'Buying and Selling Logs for Shiitake Cultivation'

'Shiitake Log Enterprise Budget Template'

And more.

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@glyph Cornell's agriculture and life sciences school is amazing, and while it's not what must people think of when they think of Cornell, it really should be.

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