“When you talk about conservation or restoration, the first question has to be restoration by whom, for whom?” says [Daniel] Janzen.

Restoration is about more than what gets planted in the ground, [Robin Chazdon] says. “Yes, it’s about forests, but it’s really about people. They are the agents of restoration.”

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Great article. Sometimes forests aren't about people. I'm very actively engaged in volunteer rainforest restoration, and much of the time (here, in Aotearoa) it's about letting forests restore themselves by removing the introduced invasive species that threaten them, that wear them down. Once on the path to restoration, people, their farm animals & pets, needs to be kept away from them. Forests are not always here for us, and nor must we always consider ourselves part of them, IMO.


agreed. if anything, i feel that we are here (as a species) for forests. at least that's my personal philosophical stance of the role of our species: essentially gardeners/caretakers. sometimes being a good caretaker involves knowing when to step away.

so i suppose then it's about balancing the needs of the forest and the needs of the humyns, and modulating the relationship accordingly. this requires dissolving the notion that biological systems exist to serve us above all else.

@glyph Yes indeed. A world 'here for our use' is one of the most endemic myths, and written into language like "fish stocks", "our natural resources" and even 'sustainability'. Sustainable for whom, for what? Would we accept a species "sustainably harvesting" us?

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