Mycofabrication of Mycelium-Based Leather from Brown-Rot Fungi - Raman et al. (2022)

"This study investigated the physicochemical and mechanical properties of mycelium-based leather (MBL) samples, including the hygroscopic nature, thermal stability, cell wall chemistry, density, micromorphology, tensile strength, elongation rate, and Young’s modulus."

Excellent article full of technical detail; required reading for anyone seriously interested in mycofabrication.

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@glyph ...this is just another regular fossil fuel plastic composite?


i'm not sure i understand your question.

the mycelium is not a fossil fuel plastic composite.

the researchers grew mycelia of several species in liquid culture and on a mix of sawdust and rice bran (agricultural waste products). they then treated the mycelial mats with various substances (one being polyethylene glycol, a petroleum-derived compound) to test the effect on various physicochemical and mechanical properties.

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