an image of the bacteria featured in the aforementioned paper: Paenibacillus vortex (a "pattern-forming bacteria").

"Colony organization of the Paenibacillus vortex bacteria when grown on 15g/l peptone and 2.25% (w/v) agar for four days. The bright yellow dots are the vortices. The colonies were grown in a Petri dish size 8.8cm and stained with Coomassie dyes (Brilliant Blue). The colors were inverted to emphasize higher densities using the brighter shades of yellow."

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Udon in a hatcho miso broth with sweet potato, butternut, carrot, green pepper, red spring onion, spinach and lentils.

Seasoned with cayenne pepper and a dash of salt. Need to remember to add garlic and ginger next time.

Pencil sketch. I ended up changing the glyphs in the ground to roots. Everything was done freehand, except for the border line.

The small details were challenging to capture - such as the butterfly to the right. I should sharpen my pencil more often.

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Happy to have completed this piece for Svendsolar - an upcoming Scuttlebutt gathering (crabmeet) in Svendborg, Denmark.

I learned the double fisherman's loop and used it to create a new washing line with snap hooks on either end.

Tight knots. Taut line. So satisfying.

a few more photos, this time showing the mushrooms in-situ.

these particular mushrooms were underwater for several weeks; they are growing in a stream bed which is dry during the summer and between major rain events in the winter.

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Locally-foraged Ganoderma lucidum (reishi).

Very happy to find this creature thriving in the valley.

Dinner from a few nights ago: carrot, kale, garlic, radish, avocado and rice.

Simple to prepare yet super satisfying.

A moment of fun Sunday GUI coding with fltk.

Lately I've been thinking more about small, custom tools as a soothing balm to the complexity and omnipresence of web browsers. Obviously not an original line of thought around here ;)

I'm hoping fltk-rs will provide an enjoyable entry-point for playing and prototyping. I've got a few ideas fermenting...

A box of manga arrived from Tokyo on Friday so I've spent much of the weekend reading ^_^

I'm basically at the level of a first-grader but can already sense the improvements as I stumble over characters and words. It's interesting to read words which I've heard many times before but never knew how to spell.

I really enjoy the art style of Nichijou and it's hilarious! That helps to keep the enjoyment levels high even when I'm struggling.

Mycology Reading Group is coming up on Full Moon 🌕

We'll be dipping into ethnomycological waters and reading a paper titled:

'Women care about local knowledge, experiences from ethnomycology' from the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine.

The paper is a literature review concerning local mycological knowledge and pays special attention to women’s relationships with mushrooms and their roles as collectors and carriers of knowledge.

Details on the forum:

Started watching チャンネルはそのまま! last night and it's hilarious.

Slowly finding myself understanding more and more Japanese. Need to take things to the next-level soon.

In good company :)

*cough* massive understatement *cough*


My RPi4 arrived yesterday and I'm slowly getting it set up as a desktop machine.

Quite a few frustrating moments so far but that's usually the case when I'm starting from scratch.

I much prefer i3-gaps but had a lot of trouble trying to build it from source and eventually gave up. A bit annoying, since I had success yesterday with Debian 11 (Bullseye).

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