Made good progress on lykin this week; a Scuttlebutt demonstration application that will form the basis for a tutorial series.

The application is written in Rust and interacts with a Scuttlebutt server / node (sbot) written in Go.


- Subscribe / unsubscribe to a peer
- Download root posts
- Download latest root posts
- Mark posts as read / unread
- Delete posts

Next up: polish everything and prepare to write the tutorials.

Took a trip to the library this morning and picked up a copy of In Praise of Shadows by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki. I can't remember if I came across this book in the Fediverse or on a random internet reading list. Very excited to read it!

Rode a new loop today. My phone died so I'm not sure exactly how far I went in the end but it was close to 70 km.

Passed through some beautiful valleys and traced along the seashore; the vivid fields and monochromatic beach serving up a stark contrast.

I should really do these rides in the early morning and not at midday -_^

Super fun ride today. Sharp tailwind down to this beautiful field then back up the hill. Felt fast; almost faster riding into the headwind somehow.

Made it to the trail. Greeted a large buzzard who flew low overhead. Had the good fortunate to pinch-flat right before a birch-shaded rest area with wooden benches. Patched two punctures, enjoying the peace of the place - choosing to be grateful for the task.

Zooming back home. Met a grass snake crossing the trail. Joy and wonder.

Fun 60 km ride in the Northsummer sunshine yesterday.

I probably could have done with more snacks but made it through without too much trouble.

My gear ratio continues to feel perfect for the routes I'm taking, though I think I'll need a larger cog once I start loading gear on the bike.

I've made the switch from riding brakeless with bare compact dropbars to wrapped bullhorn bars with both brakes.

This was my first time installing brakes and wrapping bars. I'm really happy with the setup!

The one thing I didn't consider was the additional reach of bullhorn bars. I'll probably switch to a shorter stem at some point (70 mm should be more comfortable).

Can't wait for some multi-day adventures!

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Replaced the fan + heat sink on my X220 and I'm back in action.

I managed to recall my disk decryption and user passphrases after not having typed them in over a year; a combined 15 words. Muscle memory to the rescue.

This week I started working on lykin: a Scuttlebutt post reader application.

The goal of the project is to encourage Scuttlebutt application creation by developing a how-to tutorial series. lykin will serve as the demonstration application for the series.

My work on this is being funded by a Scuttlebutt community grant.

This paper did not disappoint! Highly-recommended if you're interested in fungus-farming ants (or just ants more generally).

🐜 🍄

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Almost four years have passed since I grew this mycelium bowl and it's still in remarkably good condition.

Had a nice flow / juggling / object manipulation session at the park this afternoon; first one in a long while.

Not nearly as smooth as I once was but all the patterns are still accessible to me.

The nearby Brunsvigia orientalis ('candelabra flower') is flowering at the moment.

One of the most striking and alien flowers I've encountered in person.

It's bird-pollinated. The sphere breaks off from the stalk once the seeds are mature and rolls around (seed dispersal mechanism).

I can never seem to do it justice with my camera and highly average photographic skills.

Lots of beautiful photos in this blog post though:

Been riding brakeless the past three days. I can now say I understand the appeal.

Context: I ordered new handlebars months ago and totally neglected to order a compatible brake lever. The bars arrived three days ago and I was too excited to let them sit around.

Riding such a minimal setup has been an interesting experience. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to adding a front brake and bar tape when I get overseas.

Over the last two weekends I've been sanding and painting two old pots. I had more creative things in mind regarding the paint but had to work with what was available.

I think they turned out really well! I put a Bulbine frutescens plant in one of them this afternoon and am still deciding on what to plant in the second one.

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