Joined a couple of friends for some log cultivation work this morning. We inoculated several oak and poplar logs with Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) and installed them in a patch of forest.

Mycelium on hemp hurd was used as the inoculum and the holes were sealed with beeswax.

Installation site was chosen based on shade and ambient temperature (a degree or two cooler than the exposed areas of hillside - at least subjectively).

Logs partially buried to wick moisture from the soil.

Yellow cable goes across the room to my ironing-board workstation (aka standing desk). Blue cable goes to my laptop in the lounge (basically a free-roaming cable).

Little black box connected to the switch is a GL-AR300M (currently used to provide a wireless connection for my phone and visitors).

The keyboard and HDMI display are for my Pi. It's connected to a breadboard with an OLED bonnet and real-time clock (for PeachCloud development).

Today has been a fun day.

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Ethernet gang 🙌 🖤

Finally got the gear I needed to wire the cottage.

I've been living with a sketchy wifi connection for the past 18 months, with the router positioned in the main house on the property. Today I fixed the long cable connecting the house to the cottage. So much better already!

The cable tester was a big help. Not the kind of gear I need frequently but I reckon it's a solid upgrade to my toolkit.

Next step is to route a few more cables and connect my Pi etc. to the switch.

Bonus flush of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms from the buckets I started many months ago.

I moved these buckets outside after two flushes & removed the lids to allow the late-winter rains to rehydrate the substrate.

It's hard to tell from this photo but the attachment points of these clusters are between the bucket & the substrate (below the top surface).

Mushrooms often form at the interface between zones. In this case, a moist area at the edge of the substrate & close to open-air.

It takes me a long time to walk through this stretch at the many gorgeous flowers to stop and look at.

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Made some progress with my archer drawing today. I'm in the part of the process where I try to remove as many lines and unnecessary details as possible. Should be ready to start inking in a day or two.

Finished my second drawing for the month:

A cream-edged tiger beetle (Cicindela circumpicta). The Cicindelids are my favourite taxonomic grouping of beetles - they're a sub-family of the Carabidae.

I probably had more fun free-styling the mesas in the background than I did drawing the beetle ^_^

Still finding shading quite difficult but I'm really enjoying drawing every day.

First piece for Inktober 2020.

I've chosen not to follow the prompts this year. I'm simply aiming to draw every day and complete 10 pieces over the course of the month.

Landscape elements inspired by Giorgio Baroni's Inktober series from 2017.

I just started reading Seven to Eternity (Remender & Opeña). The artwork, world building and character design are unreal.


Lunch for today:

Homegrown oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus), carrot, onion, garlic, radish and some stinging nettle from the garden. Served on 100% rye bread.

Would have been perfect with more greens and a sauce of some sort.

Mushrooms were exposed to sunlight for 10 minutes before cooking (ergosterol -> vitamin D2).

Pleurotus eryngii (king oyster / エリンギ).

I fruited this species once several years ago but haven't cultivated it since.

I grew out a liquid culture on grain a few months ago & used it to inoculate unsupplemented, pasteurised straw. I packed the straw + myceliated-grain mix into 1L plastic yoghurt tubs, cut a hole in the lid & covered it with micropore tape. The tubs were fruited in a small humidified greenhouse tent.

Pretty happy with the results. Good species for winter cultivation.

I wish all packaging and labelling was this honest, elegant and frugal.

A glass jar, a bit of string, cardboard and an ink stamp. Perfect.

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