I wish all packaging and labelling was this honest, elegant and frugal.

A glass jar, a bit of string, cardboard and an ink stamp. Perfect.

Made a small change to the art page of my website: I've organised the pieces by year, with the most recent ones appearing first.

Hopefully the collection will grow a bit during Inktober.

Completed another sketch this weekend. I've really been enjoying the flow of doing a pencil sketch on Saturday & inking it on Sunday.

Slowly getting to grips with the brush pen, though it's very challenging when your hands are shaky. I combined it with a Pigma Micron 005 for the fine hairs.

I'm learning that it's best not to try & retouch any details which I think are already close to being perfect; chances are I'll just mess them up - happened to me with the lips on this one.

One fun & low-tech way to interact with fungal mycelia is to grow them in counter-top containers.

The source material can come in the form of stem butts from mushrooms you prepare for cooking, or can be purchased as grain spawn or sawdust spawn from a mycological supply business or hobbyist. Works best with Pleurotus species.

I add my used coffee grounds & tea leaves to the container each day & sprinkle in some grain spawn or shredded stem butts. Simple as that.

My tortoise neighbour is back out-and-about after the winter. Hooray for spring!

Angulate tortoise (Chersina angulata).

Made some minor updates to the styling on my website & added a glossary for mycological terminology. There are only a handful of entries for now but I'm looking forward to adding more over the coming weeks.

Thanks to @cblgh for some great styling feedback which helped to improve readability. I think the card-style border was inspired by @FredBednarski - whose new website aesthetic I find amazing.

Beginner's guide to mycomaterials coming soon ^_^


First time using a brush pen...welp, it can only get better from here right? Right?!

It felt super weird to use the brush and focus on inking shadows after all the linework drawings I've done with markers (and no shading). It's going to take me a while to develop a feeling for this new tool and approach.

I was feeling really good about the head / face until I added the shadows lol it's hard to be subtle with this thing!

Luckily there's a bit of time before Inktober to practice.

No-tech mycelium propagation:

Stem butts of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) placed between layers of wet corrugated cardboard and left outside in the shade.

The mycelium comprising the tiny pieces of mushroom tissue reverts to an exploratory phase and begins growing outward in search of novel food sources.

As companions of the mycelium, we can leverage this talent in order to grow more mushrooms; introduce the myceliated cardboard to used coffee grounds, straw or hardwood logs.

The WiFi traffic alerts UI is now retrieving and storing state correctly.

I still need to display the flash message for success / failure after Update. Also need to display the actual download and upload values.

I think this is going to end up being a really nice feature.

Next iteration of the WiFi alerts UI: I've added checkboxes to allow activation / deactivation of warning and cutoff thresholds.

Might still need to add a little more breathing room around the various molecules.

I've been experiencing neck pain lately from constantly looking down at my laptop display. Today I received an external monitor thanks to some generous family members. Super happy to have an improved setup!

I'd like to eventually get a wall-mounted monitor arm but the cottage chic setup is cool for now.

Making progress with the UI for WiFi download & upload alerts. Still lots of fine-tuning to do.

First bird I've drawn in a few years - a common fiscal shrike (Lanius collaris sub. coronatus).

I got a bit impatient and loose with the feathering (which actually felt quite liberating). It was my first time using the Pigma Micron 005 (0.20 mm) and I really enjoyed the scratchiness.

Wish I' hadn't used such a thick marker for the eye 😑 Something to improve upon next time. I'll probably come back to this in the future and add more detail.

Spent the morning getting arts & crafty with a paper UI mock-up.

Not happy with it yet but at least I have a starting point to build on. I find it quite challenging to design a UI from scratch.

I think the bell icon for critical threshold needs to more severe / alarming. Will give it some thought...

Having fun writing a simple data monitor for PeachCloud.

Right now the utility just retrieves the latest transmitted and received byte totals for a given network interface, adds them to the previously stored totals and then updates the stored value.

This allows us to track data consumption across sessions, providing the utility is run prior to reboot and shutdown.

Here's a neat example of mycelium-mediated translocation:

The first image shows a single cluster of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms (weighing 380 grams). The cluster grew from a hole with a 5 mm diameter.

The second photo shows the backside of the cluster. The small knob in the center was molded by the hole through which it grew. All that mass through such a tiny hole in the span of 5-6 days.

Network architects would be wise to observe the lessons of the mycelium.

Happy with how this one turned out.

Pretty soon I'll start composing sketches with background elements. I think that will help bring them to life.

Working on another sketch.

I'm trying to convey qualities of fabric with lines. The parka is made of very soft, flexible fabric, whereas the trousers are made with heavier and stiffer material.

Last mushroom photo for a while, I promise.

First flush harvest from one bucket: 768.6 g (~1.7 lb).

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