In good company :)

*cough* massive understatement *cough*


My RPi4 arrived yesterday and I'm slowly getting it set up as a desktop machine.

Quite a few frustrating moments so far but that's usually the case when I'm starting from scratch.

I much prefer i3-gaps but had a lot of trouble trying to build it from source and eventually gave up. A bit annoying, since I had success yesterday with Debian 11 (Bullseye).

Vivid biofluorescence discovered in the nocturnal Springhare (Pedetidae). This is the first documented biofluorescence of an Old World placental mammal.

Today I learned how to capture server / system data with nmon and generate HTML graphs using nmonchart.

Couldn't have been much simpler.

I'm going to use this to better understand the behaviour and resource usage of go-sbot on my Pi (for PeachCloud).

梅干しのおにぎり 🍙

First time making onigiri!

They're not the prettiest onigiri but I guess you've gotta start somewhere. Kinda ended up going pyramidal rather than triangular for improvement.

Also: salty! Delicious but salty! Went perfectly with a cup of green tea.

A small packet of koji (豆麹用) arrived today (aka Aspergillus oryzae).

I believe I now have everything I need to attempt making tempeh for the first time; just need to setup my incubator and run it for a day or two to dial-in the temperature control.

Feeling excited.

There's an indigenous plant which grows in a patch of dune strandveld near my home. I've gotten to know it slowly over this past year.

Once pollinated (by sunbirds), the bright pink flowers develop into dehiscent folicles. I brought one home, not quite ripe, & set it on my windowsill to mature.

A few days ago, after weeks of seeming inactivity, poof: an eruption of silky hairs. Each bundle of hairs is attached to a small brown seed.

I'll plant the seeds in some sandy soil.

I've been mesmerized by this developing flower for weeks. Now the pace of change quickens; the climactic moment approaches.

Went outside to refill my jar from the water tank a few nights ago and saw a large spider on the inside of the window. Had to go back inside and persuade it to kindly exit the building.

Usually wouldn't have been a worry but I sit right on the other side of that curtain 0_0

I just made my first successful 'secret handshake' using the Sunrise Choir Rust SSB implementation and I am HYPED!

Felt the call to go for a walk on this windy summer's afternoon. I visited a nearby park, thinking that I might spot my first Laetiporus ('chicken of the woods') of the season. My intuition proved fruitful; I did indeed find the mushroom I was seeking.

Shortly thereafter I walked past an oak tree where I had previously met an owl. Sure enough, there was my feathered friend - enjoying a nap in the shade.

Fungi growing on agar media in pairwise competitive interactions.

Published in:

Crowther, T. W., Boddy, L., & Maynard, D. S. (2018). The use of artificial media in fungal ecology. Fungal Ecology.

Hyphal Fusion Network

@notplants & I have created a mycology forum to provide a friendly & inclusive space for sharing in-progress experiments & cultivation logs - species & strains under cultivation, substrate recipes, environmental conditions, harvest quantities etc. - with the idea that we can improve our craft through detailed note-taking & generous sharing.

We hope the forum will be inviting & accessible for all cultivators, regardless of skill level or expertise.

Terana caerulea: a corticoid fungus commonly known as the cobalt crust fungus.

Photo credit: Martin Bemmann. Shared without modification under a CC BY 3.0 license.

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